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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
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Customer Reviews of the Universalis App

Easy to use!

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A Catholic Dad's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 9/25/18 2:05 PM

I love this app. It is a bit more portable then my hard copy set of books and no more page flipping means it is a bit easier to stay in the proper mindset while praying.

Almost perfect

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Catalinas2's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 8/6/18 2:38 PM

I love this app. It has almost everything I can think of to make it possible to follow Mass, to pray, to read.... The things I would love to have are: access to the continued readings when using the proper readings of the saint of the day or the optional readings for a common Mass (this is what is done where I go to Mass) also to have drop down menus to choose from a selection of proper readings instead of having to scroll through all the options (e.g. all the possible readings for Our Lady on Saturday) to get to the ones chosen by the priest, and to be able to select from votive Masses (e.g. votive of the Eucharist is said a lot on Thursdays where I go to Mass). I love reading about all those venerable English martyrs... great examples for us today. Thanks, Universalis!

An excellent ministry

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Larry@MIT's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 8/22/18 12:24 PM

As clergy, one of our commitments is to pray the office. This application provides us with the text and audio, in English and in Latin (the Latin voice for some of the hours), such that I can close my eyes transport myself, along with the brethren praying all around the world, into a mystical union. It’s absolutely beautiful rendition with a clear voice that is peaceful, well paced and understandable. Note that the English version is a bit different than used in the USA, the Latin is provided which is purely consistent the world over. God’s Blessings!!!


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ikarrous's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 7/1/18 2:31 AM

Been using this app for about a year now and it is absolutely worth the money. I own the one volume and four volume sets, and constantly find myself drawn back to this app. The latest update, which combines the Office of Readings with another office, makes this the PERFECT app for LOTH. Keep improving!

Love the Alerts!

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LN456's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 6/7/18 6:16 PM

Thank you so much for including hourly alerts in this app. Because I have the app also linked to my watch, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, they remind me I’m ALWAYS in the Presence of God.

Go with God!

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Ann.O.Dyne's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 6/30/18 10:54 AM

It’s all right here, including every Mass option. Being a lector, this is invaluable to me. Universalis has truly been a blessing!

Thank you developers!!

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PegCo's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 6/21/18 4:39 AM

Great app, helpful in my daily spiritual life!! Keep up the great work.

Not audio

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HurricaneIrene2's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 6/21/18 10:07 AM

I purchased a 100% audio version of Divine Office a few years ago for about $20.00. It suddenly disappeared when I updated my iPad one time. I thought this was audio not text. If I had known I would not have purchased it. Since it was an iPad app, I assumed it was audio. My fault for not checking. I realize you can pay extra for song but that’s not what I want. Dissapointed!

Fantastic Resource and Well Designed Interface

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JoeESenior's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 5/25/18 3:40 PM

BRAVO. I am a Lector and am very familiar with the official Lectionary of the Catholic Church. Universalis always gets the Calendar, Readings, and Mass prayers correct. I use Universalis “Readings at Mass” and “About Today” every day for my personal study and devotion. In addition, when attending Mass at a church where there are no full Missalettes, I use the “Mass Today” and “Order of the Mass”: it is always right on the mark for the entire readings and prayers for the Mass! I also like the ability to quickly go to any day of the Liturgical year and see the Feast/Memorial of the Saint of that day. Universalis has already added the brand new Feast “Mary the Mother of the Church” for the Monday after Pentecost! Praying the Liturgy of the Hours is somewhat complex for the average lay-person. Universalis makes it simple. The translations are different than some Breviaries, so may not be as useful for group recitation if all do not have the App. But the essence of each prayer is the same. May not be 100 pct perfect, but the ability to pray the LOH anytime, anywhere on your mobile device is literally a God-send. NOTE: to get the correct readings and calendar for your Diocese - it is important to go to the settings and select the local liturgical calendar for your country / region. For instance, in the USA, 6 Diocese celebrate The Ascension on the Thursday; the remainder celebrate on the Sunday. The Universalis settings options get it right.

Including the option to use the New American Bible for the Liturgy Of The Hours is mandatory

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W. Dan Cronin's Review of Universalis

Reviewed on 5/1/18 7:50 PM

The app has been awesomely created and in presentation it looks qualitatlively superior to all the other free apps I‘ve run into so far for the Liturgy Of The Hours. I live in the US and have recently started to lead a prayer group in my workplace, and here comes the big problem: fellows familiar with the Office and owners of physical breviaries or users of free apps follow the New American Bible translation. And of course I cannot force people to spend money in an app just because I as the leader just feel comfortable using the Universalis app and hence following a Bible translation that nobody else follows in my group... So I guess in the meantime I‘m gonna start using another app like iBreviary, which is great and uses the NAB translation but is not that flexible and rich as Universalis. That until hopefully the Universdalis developers incorporate the NAB option as it‘s the case for the Readings at Mass. I don‘t regret having spent 11 bucks for the app though; like I said, it‘s been a great tool but for the moment just for personal prayer here in the US, maybe not for group prayers with American fellows.