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  • Updated: Nov 30 -0001
  • Version: 70.4.
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Customer Reviews of the Okcupid App

So far so good!

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Steve Quarcini's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/9/18 9:17 PM

It’s a good app.

Horrible app

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youngsterjoeyy's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/9/18 9:00 PM

More bots in here then actual people

Too many men that are con artist

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bellabee66's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/8/18 9:01 PM

I receive to many men are here that are fake or want money this should be better scanned.

So many glitches.

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AmyW4455's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/7/18 4:38 PM

That’s it. Also, fairly possible grade.


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Middlejade's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/7/18 2:27 AM

Wish I could delete ancient chats.


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louiephxaz's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/7/18 1:28 AM

I hate that I can not browse unless I become a member.

banned me.

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Alphameow's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/7/18 12:51 PM

banned me for no reason.


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wwwdumbazz's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/6/18 8:20 PM

For any heterosexual male, DO NOT DOWNLOAD! This is a lesbian, gay, ts, tg site. The site asks questions clearly for people of those persuasions. And after you pay, the only thing they add is to allow you the ability to see who has liked you. I don’t need the site for dates fortunately. I was just checking it out like I have many apps and sites. This one is disturbing to say the least. I’m really not easily offended but this one got me. Clear man-bashing site.

Used to be good, but all of the changes make it awful now

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SS3R's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/6/18 7:46 PM

I used to use OkCupid as my go-to dating app for 7 or so years. It was a great way to meet people and it resulted in a few great friendships and relationships. Over the past year or so they've removed the ability to see visitors (which was useful as sometimes you could reach out to someone who checked you out and message them first in case they were the shy type). I see the developer boasting about increased messages ever since they made the change. Yeah, I've received a lot more messages since then... but from people who do not match what I'm looking for. My messages used to be to/from people whose profile I visited or visited me before. Think of that view as someone kind of checking you out IRL. You see there's possible interest there, so you decide to say hello. That was useful. Now I just get messages from lots of random guys and NONE of them are being filtered anymore. I created the filter for a reason. 100 messages a day wouldn't even make that a success IMO as they're 100 messages from people from across the world that I will never meet and have nothing in common with. I'd rather have 2 messages from quality matches instead. It was bad enough you had to pay to see likes, but by removing this feature it was obvious they did so to encourage more people to pay for the ability to see likes. No matter what they claim here in the reviews, I guarantee they saw an uptick in A list sign ups when going this, which is the REAL reason they did it. Oh and the "now everyone can browse anonymously for free" response is a joke. You could browse anonymously before, you just couldn't see who viewed your profile if you chose to do that. If you paid for a list you could browse incognito plus still see who viewed you. Don't act like this is a perk, please. They also now FORCE you to LIKE someone before you can even message them. You can not send a message to someone unless you like their profile or a picture or something first. (Again, obviously a tactic to encourage people to pay for A list to see their likes). Most recently, if you reply to a message someone sent you, it automatically says you like LIKE them back. I'm sorry, if I reply it's because I just want to talk to the person to see if we have things in common, or because I'm just being nice and replying to questions they asked me. That doesn't automatically mean I'm interested and want to go on a date with them. When replying, "Sorry, but I'm not interested" also results in a "They like you too!" message it can leave people confused. You also are giving off wrong signals when all you're trying to do is get to know them and aren't sure if you "like" them yet. Forcing people to like each other is unappealing and an obvious cash grab on OkC's part. Now because of these changes you get even more people who just don't message or don't reply to messages they do receive leaving active users discouraged about not getting replies and making them decide to delete the app. Oh, and let’s not forget about those messages... good luck finding them. No more general inbox means you have to swipe via doubletake to find someone who messaged you. Hope you like swiping a lot! You can use the search tool to find people who fit what you’re looking for and it’s easier to see profiles that messaged you that way, but to all those who don’t fit your ideal requirements the only way to see their messages is via swiping and landing on their profile now. Everything was fine for years, but now everything feels so forced and done only for money instead of to genuinely help people find a great match, it's super unappealing. I have since removed my profile and uninstalled the app. It's no longer the great app it once was. To developer reply: Can you please tell me how changes like re-adding people I’ve swiped left on to my discover and double take tabs is helpful or improving the service in some way? This is something that only recently started happening so obviously this is a new thing you’re trying. Don’t bother with that same “try expanding your looking for” statement said to someone else either as my profile is set to people from ANYWHERE. Literally anywhere in the world and I have seen Bob 4 times after swiping left and John 3 times after swiping left, etc. I was not interested in these people, yet I find myself swiping left on the same people up to 4 times in some cases. I have never had any other dating site do this before and it looks more like you’re trying to make it APPEAR like there’s more users than there are by recycling people, but it just makes the app more unappealing as I spend more time swiping left on people I already decided I don’t like vs discovering new people. On the opposite end of the spectrum people that I matched with that I decided to unlike because maybe it wasn’t the right time or we just stopped talking are now instantly BLOCKED. Why? If I unblock them it auto forces the like again. Why can’t I just unlike without blocking? If they were inappropriate I can block them on my own. There’s more than one reason to unlike someone and it doesn’t always mean I want to block all contact. Please tell me how auto blocking unlikes benefits us. Looking forward to your answers.

Constantly freezes and crashes.

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Miss Aivah's Review of Okcupid

Reviewed on 9/6/18 7:41 PM

Worst app design I’ve ever seen.