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Morse Pad app review

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  • Updated: Apr 30 2020
  • Version: 1.4
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Customer Reviews of the Morse Pad App

Adjustment needed

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crashtest dummy1's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 9/17/19 1:58 PM

My complaint with this is the horizontal forced layout and how difficult it is to close the program. IphoneX , 12/2018 review date.

Worth it for Battlefield Easter eggs

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TimothyBeechler's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 4/30/20 2:11 PM

I bought this hoping to help with decoding messages in BF1 and discovered it works flawlessly. I found the best way is to go to Ballroom Blitz, set the Hz to 781 and the WPM to 13 and the results are spot on every time. Strongly recommend.

Great app but it needs a little work.

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ooAntixoo's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 12/25/18 12:41 PM

I found this app while searching for a morse code reader. I used this app to read morse code from a battlefield 1 video game challenge. Where you need to decipher multiple codes to obtain a secret game item. It worked pretty well on the first try. Not perfect but it worked after using the app to gage the frequency then adjusting the HZ and wpm to get a readable message. It's not perfect because if seemed to read some parts extremely well but other parts where a bit mixed up but legible. There needs to be a pause option when listening so the text can be copy and pasted elsewhere. This is impossible ATM due to the app continually reading the sound. I didn't try to use the record feature yet though. I know that was the intention for being able to save your readings. It would also be great if there was a mic volume adjustment to help filter external noise. I noticed a ton of feed back when the no sound was really present. The mic is overly sensitive. It would also be nice if there was a way to just slide the red line with a slider to target the area you would like instead of needing to make the change numerically. Overall it works pretty well for my use. I'll see how the other 8 morse code tasks work out and update my review in the near future. I've been trying to find something for my use for the past two days. This app worked perfectly on the first shot. It does however need some minor adjustments to make it a tad more user friendly. Great app. I'm hoping for an update with added features I mentioned. This game series I used the app for has had these morse code tests in the past few games. This app will definitely be helpful to me if they continue these secret morse code missions.

1-char buffer delay

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barryrgo's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 12/25/18 12:41 PM

I use this app to check on how well I’m sending. If I Send at 20 chars/sec. and my words per second are say 15 there a space between each character. It would be nice if there were two adjustments: chars/sec and words/sec. Also: If I send hello the app displays hell. I need to send an additional char to flush out the receive buffer and then the “o” will display. Add a clear screen display on the front otherwise you need to flip to the backside to clear.

Great practice app

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Zoombucket's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 12/25/18 12:41 PM

More responsive than others I've seen and very handy to practice and watch that proper groups and spaces are formed. Great job! 73, John/N6VTS

Simple and works- worth the cost

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theworldbeyondzion's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 12/25/18 12:41 PM

Like the previous reviewer I was looking for a Morse decoder that could decode audio for a Battlefield 1 Easter egg. This worked beautifully. I didn't even have to adjust anything or toggle on the auto- features; it decoded the Morse very well. Once I found that the RECORD feature saves a transcription of the decoding, this app became even easier to use. I'd let it run through 3 or 4 repetitions of the pattern and be able to eliminate errors easily. Highly recommend it. Every once in a while (say 1/50) it would get a letter wrong but I blame that on the audio file also containing a lot of background noise like thunder, bird chirps or artillery. I tried $0.99 Morse-it and it returned gibberish. And the $9.99 HotPaw seemed excellent but a little pricey given I just wanted it to unlock a puzzle in a video game. So good job dev! Your app delivers its intended function very well and easily and the price point made it worth the gamble.

Just bought and wish I could get a refund

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Montecristo1966's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 12/25/18 12:41 PM

3 bucks is 3 bucks. Doesn't even work reliably when I help it by sending with keyer let alone copying from the radio. My guess is they make it so cheap to buy that they get away with it not working.

Does a good job

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Raptor3455's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 12/25/18 12:41 PM

This app does a good job when used with a receiver incorporating a narrow band CW filter. Best results are obtained when using a low receiver volume so that any background noise coming from the receiver is not interpreted as a signal. Also, the RF signal needs to be tuned so that the audio output of the CW signal falls on the red line in the frequency spectrum monitor window. I used with my FT-817ND with 300 Hz CW filter installed and my iPad to reliably copy code sent at speeds between 5 WPM and 25 WPM. Have not tried higher speeds. At lower speeds (<10 WPM) the app interprets each morse character as a separate word, so you have to decide where the word breaks are. Above about 10 WPM, word breaks are correct. There is a slight delay between the morse being heard and it appearing on the iPad (less than 1 second). Unfortunately, the app does not fix sloppy code sent by an operator. by AE5UV

Decent for a tough job

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Mac Medix's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 12/25/18 12:41 PM

I've tried several iOS Morse code decoders, and it's obviously a job that is very difficult to do well, even by machine. Given a good clear signal without background noise, some extra time to notice & set the center frequency & approx words per minute, Morse Pad does pretty well. I did notice that all the morse decoders seem work work better on iPad 3 than iPhone 4S. But neither is anywhere near to perfect as I hoped they would be. You still have to read through the garble & guess at what is being said. It is like that with all the Morse Code decoders I have tried. Lack of background noise really helps a lot.

No good

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7Gianni's Review of Morse Pad

Reviewed on 12/25/18 12:41 PM

Do not waste your money W4fyt