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Confession app review

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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
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Customer Reviews of the Confession App

Please fix

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mjtporras's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 7/6/18 10:36 PM

I love this app...but it keeps the settings on children when I don't have any kids, and no matter how many times I change it, it doesn't honor that change. This affects my examination of conscious. Other than that this app is great. Please fix this though. Thank you so much.

Thank you

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Tjwo's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 6/18/18 6:06 PM

Thank you for the step by step process.


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ken-l-ration's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 5/3/18 10:26 PM

This is an amazing app. It covers all the ground -- multiple Acts of Contrition including one in Latin; the 10 Commandments with convenient ways to make a list of sins; and more. This app can keep the time in the Confessional down to a reasonable length, so that people don't have to wait forever to reach the priest.

Good examination of conscience

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Yllek1977's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 5/23/18 12:58 PM

The app crashes every time I get to the confessional, but the time I spent in line examining my conscience helps me to wing it! I am a convert to the faith so prayers are not rote. Thank goodness the act of contrition is location inside the confessional!

Great app, but layout needs some tweaks.

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Cameron Adkins's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 3/13/18 4:16 PM

Overall, this app is good. It has a great examination of conscience and I love that it comes with Confessional prayers. However, the reason I’m only giving this app four stars, is because I don’t like the physical layout. The color and everything is fine, but I don’t like that parts of the app are blocked by black boxes on the top and bottom of the screen. It makes it very difficult to insert the date of my last confession and it’s kind of annoying. I would appreciate it if you fixed that.


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Josey86's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 3/12/18 9:34 PM

UPDATE 12 March 2018 After attempting to reach out to the developers multiple times (through the App Store and the app’s website), no response has been sent. I have waited months for a response and gotten none. THIS APP IS ABANDONWARE. I doubt it will ever be updated again. They don’t care enough to respond to paying customers. They don’t care enough to update their app to function properly, especially as new technology makes the current layout cumbersome and problematic. I’m deleting this app permanently and moving to The Confession App. At least it works properly. * * * * * * * * * I seriously want to love this app, but it's got some issues - most likely from not being updated in three years. 1. The app is still formatted to the iPhone 4, so it doesn't look like anything I should have had to pay for. At this point, I'm sorry I did. 2. Like others have noted, it automatically switches to "mother mode" after I've created my profile; even though, I definitely do not have children. (I'm not sure what the church's teaching on human sexuality is, but given my experience in Catholic School s** ed, I'm going to say I won't be teaching it to my children even when/if I have them, and I probably won't be discussing this choice with a priest in confession.) 3. Now that the iPhone has the option to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone (and any other app that may have need of a password), it would be awesome if that could be used instead of having to enter a code everytime...OR better yet, just let me have the option of NOT having a passcode on it at all. Shouldn't that be my choice, not the apps? Since when was their a seal of the confession app requiring this? I'm pretty sure I have the right to discuss with someone else what I said in the confessional should I choose to. So I couldn't I get to choose to use a pass code or not? Honestly, it's probably a minor (or not so minor) miracle this app still works after three years. It's certainly a testament to the developers skills (or the miraculous hand of God). Still, for this app to be worth the $2 I spent on it, it seriously needs to be updated. At this point, I'm not finding it all that useable. There is a free app that does the same thing, that has been updated far more recently, so the functionality is much better. I think I'm going to have to stick with that for now, and pray someone decides to update this thing sooner, rather than later.

Like it but it needs to be updated

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StanJL's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 12/23/17 4:31 PM

I’ve used this app regularly for years but it is buggy. It’s tricky to toggle sin counts up and down (really I’d be happy with just a yes/no rather than a tally) and it would be nice to have a fresh look and smoother interface. Also fingerprint recognition so I don’t have to log in every time would be good (since you have to log back in every time the phone shuts off).


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Diane Rennick's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 12/12/18 11:22 AM

I am finding it helpful, try to update daily with any changes. It takes the guess work out if confession. I would recommend it!

The password is annoying

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HappyEisbarr's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 12/12/18 11:22 AM

Great tool for examination of conscience. I like that you can choose from several arrays of ways to consider transgressions or acts that disrupt one's relation with God. It's unfortunate that one must a new profile in order to explore them. For example, I am a single person (widowed but never sacramentally married) who is discerning a religious or priestly vocation. Though unprocessed, I find those confession models helpful. The app's u flexibility does not support this easily. Being able to add personal "categories" does, so I can reference specific moments or themes that might be obscured by the general categories. And if I notice a pattern, it probably deserves a specific category so I can do a post-confession examination of conscience. It's hard to get the app opened in the confessional when fumbling both to (1) unlock the phone and (2) enter a password. Am I really likely to share my phone password with someone else? I guess some would. I'd rather share my confession and absolution.

Personalized Examen Needs Work

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franciscangypsy's Review of Confession

Reviewed on 12/12/18 11:22 AM

I love this app. I just wish it would stop defaulting to saying that I have children; my examen is riddled with concerns that are not applicable to me.