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Customer Reviews of the Webmd For Ipad App

Excellent source of data

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jmac93427's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 12/8/17 3:25 AM

If you disregard some of the users comments (“in my opinion...”, “in my experience...”), “don't ever...”, etc).), this is a great source of information on symptoms, self diagnosis, medications, and condition progress. It is written well and in an easy to read format!

Valuable Tool

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Outlaw785's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 12/26/17 3:02 PM

This site is wonderful. I use it all the time to get information on the medication I am taking or the ones my doctor is suggesting I take

Good info

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Krissylover75's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 12/21/17 12:24 AM

Very useful info.

MD review

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Roctor11's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 12/19/17 12:39 AM

Now that I am retired from the practise of medicine (I finally got it right so they did not make me continue practising 😎), I have found WebMD to be a fine, patient-friendly site. It not only allows patients to read more about their illness(es) but also can re-enforce [but NOT take the place of] the physician's instructions. It is safe and relatively well-researched/presented. I would like to see more straight-forward journalistic pieces occasional (like Consumer Reports) on how commercials can increase the cost of prescription drugs, the cost of R&D, etc. Thank you for that which you provide and the dedication you show in the presentation of your product. Regards, John D Rowe, M.D.

Good information

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Esperanza Spaulding's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 12/17/17 10:31 PM

Sometimes when there is no opportunity to speak to a physician in a hurry, a question to WebMD either will alert you to get help or give one some idea of what you are dealing with. It may be able to point you in the right direction for professional help.

Niceness upgrade

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Tpr2's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 12/1/17 8:07 PM

Very nice upgrade, easy to navigate, excellent software.

Look up symptoms NOT!

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Glbdogmzxpq's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 11/5/17 3:23 AM

This section once you go thru heck to link in is one of the worst experiences with Software product I’ve either hired Software Developers and or Funded Software Companies in my entire ...40 year career...ok maybe a few other bad ones but this one is so polluted with promoting both itself and other related Apps it makes One dizzy. I have to say this APP had such a terrific opportunity to present it self as a GoodHouse Keeping APP in Health vs the none consumer friendly incredibly vague zero risk drive suggestion of what the health difficulty might be. This APP could also set itself up a contributor to assisting in the reduction in Health Care costs. In your older version that was SPECTACULAR before you got all confused, reduced as my physician said 40% because WEB MD helped me with deductive logic in turn identify two possible problems. I once helped a friend approx 5-6 years ago buy asking him thus you his symptoms...when it was so easy to do....and by God you were right and it save him from a terrible condition. I even gave you the credit. Not any more. Thompson H Rogers.

Lost my personal medications

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fickjr's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 11/4/17 6:50 PM

Signed on today and my personal collection of meds I take is missing. Program does not allow meds to be saved. No "share" button. Angry


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Merrieherrie's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 11/30/17 6:06 PM

1 turn to WebMD for serious injuries. 1 love anything medical and enjoy self diagnosis, which my doctor doesn’t like. However WebMD is sometimes frustrating, because thru the symptom checker just now, 1 could not find Torn Meniscus anywhere; instead it focused on torn ACL, or torn PCL.

My Favorite App

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Pattyasm's Review of Webmd For Ipad

Reviewed on 11/25/17 11:45 PM

WebMD is my favorite " to go to " App! It is continuously updated and covers a broad manner of subjects. I'm always looking something up in it for my own personal use. WebMD is the Best!