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Ketodiet app review

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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 11.06
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Customer Reviews of the Ketodiet App

Excellent program

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Mrs.SemperFidelus's Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 9/9/18 11:31 PM

This is a great way to lose weight and select good meals for yourself.


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arf2121's Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 9/5/18 2:44 PM

This app is very helpful for tracking your macros. I would love it if you could share your progress, meals, etc. with others who have the app. Keep up the good work!

Worth it!

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gympgyrl's Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 9/27/18 3:46 PM

I have recently started keto. I love this app. I didn't want to pay the 9$ up front but similar apps are subscription based and way more expensive. I've been keep track of what I eat for a while on another popular app and I like this one way way better. Honestly I like everything about it. From the input of food to how I can edit my recipes after I input them. It would be nice if I could take a picture when I input my weight and maybe measurements. There is also a good amount of tasty recipes. Thank you for your hard work on such a great product!

KetoDiet App

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Hayhouseluver's Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 9/23/18 2:27 PM

I love this app! It is easy to use and there is a tremendous amount of information included. There are new recipes in the blog on a regular basis, which is wonderful. The recipes are easy to follow. They can be added to your daily planner once made. There is a large database of foods to choose from when entering your daily meals. Food labels can be scanned for nutritional information. There are many options for using this app. I’m very glad I found it!


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pbktn's Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 9/21/18 10:05 AM

I like the app - it’s easy to use for tracking carbs and you can customize macros. Care and thought goes into the associated blog, which is well-written, which I find to be fairly unusual any more. The only reason I didn’t give it a five star rating is because there is no barcode scanner, which makes using the app much more time-consuming than it needs to be for tracking.

Keto for life

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keto krazy's Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 9/19/18 11:11 AM

This woe is the easiest I have ever done. The foods are delicious and the process is amazing. Down 25 pounds feeling amazing, more energy and no chronic pain

Keto DieT

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Grammy #10's Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 9/15/18 2:02 PM

Love it! Food is great and easy to fix. They help you with available recipes. Very helpful in planning your meals.

Love It 😍

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Angelrad's Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 9/1/18 8:36 AM

Started my journey logging things manually, but this was my game changer! Have used it daily for months now and refer to others who are interested in Keto. I’m using many of the recipes - which are ALL SUPER YUMMY! I know eliminating all the processed “CRAP” from my body is Well Worth It. Thank you 🙏

Too pricey for limited capabilities

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-imariec-'s Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 9/1/18 3:38 PM

I’m new to Keto and this app has tons of great recipes. But as we all know we can get tons of great recipes online, for free. What made me unsatisfied with this app are the following points: - The planner: you hv to plan everything on your phone, there is no web-based platform to accompany the app. That’s a big down for me, I was really hoping once I paid for it I would get that access - Food tracking: great for their recipes, but not great for scanning items or a basic DB of food items. I’ve learned through lots of wasted money (like this app) that nothing beats MyFitnessPal for the DB of foods they already have. In paying I was hoping for the two things noted above. I support food bloggers by buying their cookbooks, not apps that say they’re giving you one thing everyone can get for free in other places. The two stars are just bc the recipes are actually really good - but again, you can find them in the blog for free.

Purchased, wont download!

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ashsince89's Review of Ketodiet

Reviewed on 8/9/18 2:19 PM

I really was excited to purchase this today and now it wont download. It says I have to be on WIFI but I am. Wifi working fine app just wont download. I think my payment will go through today or this week can I please be reimbursed since its clearly not going to work. An hour later and nothing still