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Bodyweight app review

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  • Updated: Dec 17 2018
  • Version: 4.7
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Customer Reviews of the Bodyweight App

An incredible app

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JimiD77's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 9/15/18 7:26 AM

This app leads you through programmed exercises or gives you the ability to create custom exercises from a large library of interesting and innovative exercises. You can mix exercise patterns, sets, reps, etc. so you can challenge yourself no matter where you are. Get it, use it, you'll be happy you did.

Great app - user friendly - great workout program

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Mr. Swagalicious's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 8/8/18 12:16 PM

Well worth the cost given what is offered by Mark Lauren and his team. Great workouts for all levels of fitness. Get on board the Bodyweight train peoples - you won’t be sorry.

Very very good but a few improvements for the premium videos needed

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Carlninja's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 8/6/18 2:27 PM

Love this program. Mark is just great. Uses few words and not trying to manipulate you to buy other products. Everything about this is modest and effective. Workouts perfect length for my schedule with busy job and little kids. I have purchased nearly all of the premium videos. Same price and way more convenient than DVD. Would like to see YAYOG volume 2 available soon. All of his programs, quite frankly. Needs to have scrubbing 15-30 seconds to skip introductions, or even a built in bookmark to skip to start to workout. Also needs to save your spot in the video if you exit the app briefly...frustrating to have to find your spot again. Otherwise GREAT.

Great app

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Latavarius's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 8/3/18 1:21 AM

Solid app. Would like a little more instruction on the stretches— not sure what some of the instructions mean. Some of the controls during the workout work consistently, but are annoying in that you can stop a workout or skip to the end of a part and then the app doesn’t count your reps. It encourages you to do the workout without interruption, but is annoying when you have a family and need to stop from time to time.

Love it but theres always room for growth!

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ElyMadeline's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 7/23/18 5:27 PM

I love this app. Its the one thing I return to time and again because it meets me where I am but allows me to grow. I don’t get bored because the workouts vary so much. Im on my 4th round or so of the beginner program mainly because I had some issues in my upper body that made me have to work extremely slowly to work up to being able to do push-ups. I started at the wall and now Im at knee-height!!! For me its a big deal but I want to work all the way up to the elite level. One improvement I would make to the app is that I wish it didn’t erase the input if you have to start the program over . Id like to be able to look back and see what i was doing the first time i did the beginner program. And I wish I could edit a set in advance and save it to that workout with the option to revert to the original set if needed. If you edit the sets you have to do them right then and for the push-up modifications I wanted to go through and edit them all at once to set my workouts for that particular exercise back several levels.

Great workout, but becareful

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Bobbyji13's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 7/22/18 9:55 PM

I really like the way this app provides a structured workout and you will get strong if you do the YAYOG program. But I am giving it 3 stars broken down as follows: 4 stars for providing users with an excellent structured workout and strength program and 1 star for lack of proper cues to provide safe instruction on the exercises and for exercises that may injure you, such as: Russian Twists, V-sits, and windmills in the YAYOG warmup, which cause unhealthy strain on the spine; and seated dips, which comprise the shoulder joint. If you look on the internet and on youtube, you will see trainers and physical therapists question the long term safety of these exercises. See the Spinal Research Foundation article “Breaking Down the Exercises that Break Down Your Spine.” This is good app to provide you structure for your workouts, but you should educate yourself on the exercises. Fortunately, the app has a large library of exercises and you can substitute different exercises that are more conducive to proper bio-mechanical movement.

Love it

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MJBFWTX's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 7/20/18 9:23 PM

Mark knows his stuff. Great app!

Track an exercise

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K1ngP3ngu1n's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 7/20/18 4:38 PM

I really wanted an app that I could track a specific workout I create, Bodyweight does that and more. If you want an exercise regime for you it has those, track a singal activity, done. There is no excuse not to get. Some exercise in, when you are your own gym. Everything you need to get a good workout in is around you. The app helps you discover how easily you can get in shape.

Amazing Program Changed my Life

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ol' Bruce's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 7/2/18 10:51 AM

I started on this about 18 months ago after being recommended for my son. At 62 years old, I was experiencing a number of pain issues rooted in lack of flexibility and core strength. Within 90days of YAYOG, I experienced not just a reduction, but elimination of sciatica and lower back pain. The FUNCTIONAL strength this program produces is amazing. I generally do 2 workouts per week, and one 1-2 hour mountain bike ride on weekend. I feel great, flexibility is much, much greater, and best of all, NO MORE PAIN. Highly recommended.

Great training, incredible bargain

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CHJO's Review of Bodyweight

Reviewed on 7/17/18 5:54 PM

I used the book for a couple of years - then app came out - $0.99 for great exercise programs with clear written and video guidance - what more can you ask for? Great for travelers like me.