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By Jayden Irwin

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Sprite Pencil app review

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  • Price: $2.99
  • Category: Graphics & Design
  • Updated: Jul 2 2020
  • Version: 3.1.2
  • Size: 2.33 MB
  • Seller: Jayden Irwin
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Customer Reviews of the Sprite Pencil App

Great, but could improve

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UNDEFEATABLE12's Review of Sprite Pencil

Reviewed on 4/30/20 1:40 PM

I just got this app and it’s definitely amazing what I can do with it but there’s a few glaring flaws that hold me back with what I make that I’d love to see improved upon. I gave this app 4 stars mostly because it could easily be a 5 star rated app with a few simple improvements. 1. Exporting Sprites: the app crashes for me whenever I try to export a finished sprite. I’m capable or screenshotting and saving it myself or even changing it to a transparent image, but that shouldn’t be on me to change. 2. Scrolling: using the scroll tool to move your sprite around the canvas is nice on paper, but it doesn’t tell you that anything you move off screen is deleted. I unfortunately had to redo a sprite cuz it was mostly cut off due to this. A little border or buffer to stop you from moving it off screen would be nice to avoid this 3. Zoom Tool, or lack thereof: working with extremely small sprites is difficult. I personally feel like I could make MASSIVE improvements in what I make if I had the ability to zoom in and work on smaller details. That would be a MASSIVE quality of life change, to be able to zoom in and work closely on pieces that use large layouts and small pixels that are normally unusable with my finger on an iPhone screen. Most importantly, if you take my advice on implementing this tool, PLEASE make it so zooming in would NOT delete the sprites that move off screen like the movement tool does currently. 4. More colors: after my other suggestions this one may seem small but I think adding a color wheel option would greatly improve how much could be done with this app. I know photo editing apps that offer an entire color wheel of the color spectrum, and that app is free. It would be nice to see that implemented here. If a developer happens to be reading this: thank you for your time and your effort. You’ve done great so far on this app but there is so much potential for improvement. This app has allowed me to make sprite art for original characters who I never before had the ability to represent visually (as someone with very little artistic skill with a pen and paper, using a pixel canvas gives me a lot more room to work.) I would absolutely love to see this app expand so I could put more time into it and just increase the detail and quality of my work and for once be able to make actual art