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By Jacob KAFKA

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Roughanimator app review

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  • Updated: Nov 30 -0001
  • Version: 3.03
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Customer Reviews of the Roughanimator App

So far nothing can compete with this.

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HHantaa's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 9/6/18 1:22 PM

You can tell this was made by an animator and that’s a good thing considering he knows what we need without having to be told. The dev is also very supportive; I emailed him about the apple pencil not working as I’m sure others may have done and a couple days later it was fixed. Oh and the ability to go back and forth from adobe flash makes my iPad so much more useful to me.I would like this review to be constructive though so here are some things that might be worth adding: - A curve editor for the pen pressure (this is a big one for me since I’ve got a light hand) - The ability to turn pen pressure off completely. I think this is in the app already but it doesn’t work. - A dark or sepia colored workspace option.

Needs more mechanics

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Smi1ey_YT's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 9/19/18 11:17 PM

First of all, the drawing is horrible, when i have my pen on the screen and draw, it looks like its drawing in 5 frames! And You need Bluetooth. I have a 10-70 dollar pen that has bluetooth connection and it doesn't connect! I'd also like filters please, and it needs more layers! I really don't like the pencils and pen presets. There are like 3 in this app. Can't you have more? This app should be like ibisPaint but with animation.

Best animation app for iPad!

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Sjoypop's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 9/18/18 10:22 PM

This app gets better and better with each update. There are a few animation apps that look more streamlined and slick but none that I tried can out perform this one! It’s intuitive and powerful. A great way to do frame by frame animation on the go. I have both the iPad version with Pencil and Mac version for using my Cintiq.

No Visual Frills, but Great Functionality

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HenryBarbee's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 9/16/18 8:24 AM

Original review 01/18 - 4 stars: This app has no frills visually... no fancy menus, fonts, or buttons like in other anim apps. But, who really cares, because this app has high end features that I haven’t seen in any other iPad app. A timeline, setting drawing exposure length, the ability to draw behind your current strokes... there’s a ton here, and sure, it doesn’t all work perfectly. Imported video is blurry and imported audio doesn’t show reliable waveforms to match beats, but for simply doing rough drawings... this is my favorite app. It’s also never crashed or lost progress for me in over 3 months of using it, which I was worried about from reviews. If you’re worried though, you can back up your work by simply exporting your current frames as a png sequence to your iCloud Drive, which is super easy and which I do regularly after each animating session. All in all, if you’re looking for an app for doing rough drawings on-the-go, look no further: you’ve found the best one for iPad. Edit 09/18: I’m changing my review from 4 to 5 stars, because after 3 years of being out, the developer still continues to update this app with new, useful features. Good on him for staying committed! Also, I have used this app almost every day for the last year and a half, and have had zero issues with bugs or glitches that I can remember. This is an absolutely stellar app.

Good, basic program

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Viiv's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 9/15/18 9:24 PM

I would love to see a few IU enhancements, but for basic 2D animation, this is the best I’ve found.

Still Amazing but one error

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VSPV's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 9/13/18 11:34 AM

The app is even better after the update. I just see one glitch so far. When I try to sample only my color layer and above layer (Linework), it samples all layers.

Glad I found this

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Makileven's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 9/13/18 10:07 PM

I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages. Does the basics well and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. Thank you. Have to say I’m loving that the devs are still releasing updates for this Magnificent appI’ve been a user for almost a year already and will continue to do so. Thank you

Super cool

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Razum_inc's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 9/10/18 6:52 AM

Can you add bigger resolution for some import\export pls? And more advanced painting engine? Thanks!


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's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 9/1/18 1:48 PM

Just add two finger touch undo and shape tools and it would be perfect

Best Animation app on the iPad...period

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VSPV's Review of Roughanimator

Reviewed on 8/9/18 5:39 PM

I have no doubt that this app is made by a passionate animator, because it has everything you need and want as a professional animator. Some of my favorite features on the app: 1. The ability to duplicate keyframe timing of one layer to another new layer and have it be empty key frames. This makes coloring super easy to add. On other programs you have to manually add the key frame timings again, and if you duplicate the layer frames the content on it is copied too. 2. Although the UI isn’t visually the best, I prefer it as is because I rather be able to see my animation run smoothly then have a s***** program make my animation lag because of a fancy UI design. 3. Able to sample all layers when coloring. The ability to expand bucket tool color, helps eliminate color gaps. 4. Most amazing things is that this is all on a iPad!!! I’ve bought and tried other apps but they either are to much or to little. This app is the perfect one. My life is allot happier after finding this app. Things that would make this app even more amazing: 1. The ability to create objects and move them around with key frames. Similar to after effects or adobe animate. 2. Adding a ruler (circle, ruler, etc) 3. Ability to add more then one audio track. Overall, if your a professional animator looking for a good animation app on the iPad, get this app! :)