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Combine Pdfs app review

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  • 7 Ratings
  • Price: $29.99
  • Category: Graphics & Design
  • Updated: Apr 30 2020
  • Version: 5.5
  • Size: 16.70 MB
  • Seller: Combine PDFs
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Customer Reviews of the Combine Pdfs App

thank you

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SMB619's Review of Combine Pdfs

Reviewed on 4/30/20 1:48 PM

after spending 3 hours trying to combine pdf's. i bought this and it was completed in less than 3 minutes!

Simple, quick, reliable.

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ColeCurrier's Review of Combine Pdfs

Reviewed on 4/30/20 1:48 PM

I have a paperless office and I'm constantly merging documents. I tried many other options. Combine PDFs is the easiest way to pick and choose what pages you want and rearrange them in the correct order with ease. Drag, drop, rearrange, delete, add, save. So easy. I merged over 1,000 pages on the shareware version before being prompted to pay. Definitely worth the $30.

Overpriced and Worthless

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Austin.M.Matherne's Review of Combine Pdfs

Reviewed on 4/30/20 1:48 PM

The price for this app is absurd. Automater can do the same thing just as easily and for free. If it was only a few dollars, then maybe, but at this price you'd have to be insane to buy this.

Combine PDFs Solid and Dependable

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griff2u's Review of Combine Pdfs

Reviewed on 4/30/20 1:48 PM

I have used this app for years and referred it to many others. I have used it as ShareWare and made periodic contributions. After thousands of merges, I am more than happy to provide the developer $29.99 for an app that has saved me and many others countless hours through software that is simple, fast, and fully supported.

perfect for me-- just what i was looking for

star star star star star's Review of Combine Pdfs

Reviewed on 4/30/20 1:48 PM

I needed to be able to combine contract forms/pdf files while being able to delete pages that were being replaced by new versions of that page along with resorting everything. This is perfect and easy to use. quick response from vendor too when I had a question.


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dwm777's Review of Combine Pdfs

Reviewed on 4/30/20 1:48 PM

We purchased this application to help create a 400-page PDF from a number of separate files, add in empty pages, appendices and tabs, check for correct pagination, add empty pages where needed for padding, etc. It is fantastic. It probably saved us 10 hours in the past 2 workdays vs what it would have taken via Acrobat Pro, at around 10% of the price. No problems, worked perfectly, did not use the manuals at all. The only suggestion would be to improve the flexiblity of the text insert tool (for page numbering, etc). We'd like to be able to have more control over where the various text items went on the page (for example, exactly 1" up from the bottom and 1" from the right). Acrobat Pro does this better, and more flexibility would make this application even better.


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mjl69's Review of Combine Pdfs

Reviewed on 4/30/20 1:48 PM

The preview window could be better quality. It is poor enough that you can't always identify the current page. I have made great use of this app. It loads fast and runs fast and does useful work. I fly through pages, re-ordering them and rotating pages and adding in other PDFs. It would be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut to move the current page up or down one in the page order.