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Artstudio Pro app review

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Customer Reviews of the Artstudio Pro App

If you need art you need Artstudio

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fjpoblam's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/5/18 1:47 PM

Artstudio has all the tools. Sometimes I use Artstudio even when I’m not *creating* an image, but just getting information about it. The only thing Artstudio can’t supply is a replacement for my fingertip. That’s up to me. (Apple or somebody else’s pencil on a more modern iPad, I suppose.) The main reason I *occasionally* whip out the laptop and use GIMP instead is for a few ultra-powerful features such as a more powerful “Select”, color replacement, text entry, and a few others. Very seldom needed. Artstudio very handily stores results in its own iCloud folder and can also save them elsewhere (like Apple’s Photos). In the iCloud folder, of course, they’re not in a format available to some other apps, so be careful. Artstudio can very handily create a new image from the clipboard: very good for capture from Safari.

Great Painting App

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pgootz's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/25/18 4:55 AM

While it may not have the elegance of other drawing apps,( and I’ve used them all it seems) I find I use Art Studio 90% of the time as my go to app. It incorporates many of the most useful elements I need from a desktop photo style app on the iPad. Some of the other apps in this category are overly complex for my tastes. Plus a big bonus is that there is no subscription with Art Studio and its toolset is competently complete including edge detection and a host of other useful features, filters and adjustments etc. A great all rounder and super useful app to have in your toolset.

I love this app.... when it works

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Megy424's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/23/18 2:00 AM

I don’t know if I’m the only who has been having issue with this, but following the last update, my app only works a small percentage of the time. When I open the app, it appears normal if no documents are open but is frozen in their screen until it crashes. I tried reinstalling and it didn’t make a difference. The reason this has frustrated me enough to write a review is because I LOVE this app. I recommend it to anyone for amazing, on the go, graphic design. Until this issue, I have consistently used it almost daily since downloading it. Please look into if a bug is causing this issue!!

Nothing compares

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gh0stbunny's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/22/18 5:52 AM

This most recent update 1.3.12 has my app lagging on iPad Pro😩 BUT, This is the greatest art app I could have ever asked for. It’s nearly perfect. Hats off to the developers for creating an app that’s not really an app at all...its pretty much a full on desktop program on your device. Puts Procreate to shame. Couldn’t survive without it, thanks guys!

Photoshop veteran and Procreate fan checks in

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BrideyQuinn's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/22/18 1:02 AM

This is so good I’m finding myself using it on my phone on my iPad Pro and Mac. I can’t say enough good things. Its equal to Procreate in awesomeness and equal to Photoshop in ability. I have Kyle T. Websters brushes in it and it works perfectly. I wish they had a manual but I suppose with upgrades,etc it would be old quick. Adobe missed the boat entirely.

The ULTIMATE iOS art app!

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HY333NA's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/20/18 11:44 PM

I was hesitant when came across this app, I’ve been using Procreate, MediBang, and Affinity photo for about a year, so I didn’t trust any other app to do as well as they did. I was SO wrong, it took the best features of all three and blended them! Not only does it have a huge variety of brushes, its got a stabilizer, cropping tool, and text tool (and a million other amazing things). I’m also a huge fan of the .ABR importation that ACTUALLY works as it’s supposed to! Artstudio has come a long way since I had it on my old phone, I’m gladly switching to this! My only small issue is the fact that I can’t access Transform while I’m in full screen mode, which I use very frequently! Maybe I haven’t figured it out yet, but it would be nice!

Great app, almost perfect

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AndrewDart's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/2/18 4:46 PM

As many others have said, this app is a very good photoshop alternative for the iPad Pro. You can even add your ps brushes which is a HUGE plus for me. The only thing that makes this a 3 star for me is that switching from bush to eraser (or any other tool), opening the layers, and zooming in causes a bit of lag. So much so that during my work flow it’s quite frustrating. Honestly if they could fix this it would easily be a 5 star.

This is absolutely incredible. And stable. And user friendly.

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Xayton's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/19/18 2:38 AM

I don’t even remember the last time I opened my PC to use Photoshop. I just use this on my phone. The price is too low in my honest opinion. I really don’t understand how it is so stable yet so powerful. I use it on an iPhone 6 (first version) and I’m creating full poster size images. SUPER user friendly.

Really Promising

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KH1986's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/16/18 11:34 PM

I really like this app and I could see it becoming a go-to on the iPad. It’s just missing a few important things in my opinion. - The first thing is likely a bug, but I noticed that the offset between where the Apple Pencil is placed and where the mark is made seems much more noticeable in this app compared to others. This occurs even with no cursor offset turned on and is particularly apparent when using a brush with a tilt dynamic, such as a pencil brush. This doesn’t occur in Procreate or CSP for example. - Customization. This app would be amazing if it gave users a bit more control over the interface. Having to menu dig to deselect or transform for instance is cumbersome. It would be nice to be able to position little buttons for our most used actions and tools in the toolbar, at least in full screen mode where you have no access to the menu bar. Also, this doesn’t affect functionality but it would be nice to have a black interface option. - Gestures. This goes back to customization. I could not find anywhere the options to customize touch controls. It would be nice to use a finger to erase for example.

Deserving of a place on every painter’s iPad

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kylekane's Review of Artstudio Pro

Reviewed on 9/14/18 6:27 AM

This app sits between Procreate and Affinity Photo on my dock. It actually functions like a middle ground to those apps. It has more adjustment features than Procreate but fewer than AP. It paints better than AP but I tend to like Procreate better for sketching and regular painting without adjustments. It has a bit more lag than Procreate for me but less than AP. ArtStudio Pro has a very Photoshop style interface and function, more so than the more feature rich Affinity Photo or the simpler Procreate. It’s a good an bad thing. The familiarity is great but it does slow me down compared to Procreate and even AP somewhat. If what you want most is Photoshop on the iPad, this is the one for you! It’s excellent!