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Aw Craps app review

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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
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Customer Reviews of the Aw Craps App

Not paying when winning odds bets

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Slytell's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 9/29/18 3:20 AM

I like this app but it started to not payout my odds bets.

Not great for developing new strategies

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Guys tee's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 8/28/18 7:58 PM

I agree fully with the top review. It’s about the app best you can find. Some of the free apps are clearly waited against you so you have to watch adds to get more chips. This app isn’t that bad; however, there is clearly an algorithm at play here. If you make several place beats after the come out roll - you’re going to crap out within two rolls. In fact, on the standard dice setting I make more money on the don’t come line. I will say the same about the other dice settings. The “warm dice” setting has too many eights and way too few sevens - so it’s almost too easy. The app does have the ability to allow you to role your own dice - which is unique, but if I wanted to do that then why do I need the app (other than to use my own dice to prove that the algorithms are off). 4000 roles in and it has gotten to the point where I can almost predict the outcome before the roll - unless I hedge all my bets to break even, or simple only bet the come line. Also, others have said that you cannot bet/get pass line odds. I finally figured out that if you tap below the pass line after the roll you will get the option for pass line odds. I guess the developers were worried about not having the edge on fake money haha. Make it more fair/less predictable and I would give it five stars! I give it 3 because it cost me money and now I am bored due to the predicability - if it was free this would be a 4 star rating. However, if you just want to learn how to play craps - it’s a great app! It’s not a great app for testing out new strategies.

Very good simulation

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Adorkable81's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 8/22/18 5:37 AM

Like it. It takes awhile to get fast with betting. The developer clearly spend some time planning the bet screen to make it intuitive with clear win odd. Would love to see some macro keys to assign pre-define bets. For example, I regularly play $66 inside (15 on 5 and 9, 18 on y and 8). It took about 15 seconds to set up each time. Definitely will get 5 stars if you guys can have that features.

Unrealistic rolls

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Pu D Pu's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 8/2/18 10:36 AM

Really enjoy the game but... Games seems to know what your betting during random rolls. It’s very obvious. Table goes cold and I switch to the dark side and of course, three points are hit. Switch back to pass line and of course, 7s every few rolls without hitting a point. Game seems to want to bankrupt you. Please fix the algorithm. Would like to see triple 12 on field payout. High (8-12) with 2x pay for 12 and low (2-6) with 2x pay for snake eyes in replacement of the BIG 6&8 on the field. More casinos have this nowadays. Also being able to HOP multiple numbers at the same time without having to constantly go through the pop up window when HOP several different numbers. Last thing. Having the option of setting dice combos for a higher probably of avoiding the 7! Thank you really enjoy the game though.

Make em all

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asher.h's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 7/7/18 4:45 AM

This seems like it’s the best in class. I wish it had the small, tall and make them all bet...

Almost Accurate

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Bayardo R's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 7/3/18 4:30 AM

If only the Field bet on 12 paid Triple it would be like Vegas!

Sound issues on IPAD?

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Black dog12's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 7/16/18 5:27 AM

I like the game execution. However On my iphone I get the sounds if I choose? I can not get the sounds to work on my IPad Air 2. Unless There is something I am missing buyer beware if using on IPad.

Good app

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WilksPhD's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 7/16/18 2:21 PM

Good craps app, helps to learn and play quickly, don’t see it as completely random even w the standard dice. Tip for this game: never get against the 5. This game seems quite fond of this number.

Love but update pls!

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jarbro's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 6/25/18 3:29 PM

Please update for iPhone X. Been playing this app for ages and would love to see it updated for the X.

Fix the dice shake

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Crippled Zombie's Review of Aw Craps

Reviewed on 5/20/18 7:33 AM

If you shake the dice and hit throw it will always be that number. Not good