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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
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Customer Reviews of the Vinocell App

No barcode scanning ability??

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naa3e5's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 9/30/18 9:30 PM

For a paid app this should be able to import data via barcode... there are free apps that do this... huge disappointment honestly!

Great App

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SlammerDad's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 8/4/18 8:48 PM

I rarely rate apps but this one deserves it.

Great for managing a cellar

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MAF 's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 8/26/18 9:12 PM

I tried about a half-dozen vine database apps on a 40-bottle subset of my wines, and quickly settled on VinoCell as the one I wanted to use, and to enter the full 350-bottle cellar. I have been extremely happy with the filtering and search capabilities, as well as the flexibility of the “show in cellar” function. I have three different storage units, each with different shelf configurations, but it was easy to configure each of them. The database itself provides far more fields, and much greater flexibility, than any one user is likely to need — which makes it likely that it will have whatever subset you are looking for. One recommendation, especially if you have multiple vintages of the same wine, or you care about particular vineyards, is to make sure you are consistent in how you enter the names (including whether you spell out full names or abbreviate). The filtering by named attributes, such as appellation, works very well. The search by name function uses exact match, so inconsistent spelling or word-order can make things hard to search for.

Not user friendly

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Goldslick1's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 8/22/18 12:44 PM

Should have read the reviews. App review shows many labels and neatly organized, but you need to take pics of all your bottles or import he labels from an outside source. Not user friendly. The setup to add wine is hard to follow and understand. Got frustrated and just deleted.

Best Wine App fo MAC

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ld&nc's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 8/11/18 11:56 PM

I have tried several and this is by far my favorite. It’s got a great display, loaded with features and consistently good product support. The developer keeps up with Mac updates. Syncing is easy and works correctly.

Great app to keep track of your wine

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M. Clifford's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 7/12/18 12:12 AM

This is a great app once you learn how to use its functions. There is a learning curve since it will keep track of so many things about each bottle of wine (I only use about 1/4 of the possible features that can be tracked). I use it to track about 400 bottles in 6 racks in 2 cellars. At first I only tracked the bottles by rack, but then I decided to track each bottle by specific location in one rack. Wow!! It’s very easy to do once you learn how and it really helps you keep track of each bottle. You can select any bottle of wine and it will visually show you where it is on the specific rack. Or you can look by rack and touch any bottle and it will tell you what that bottle of wine is. I now use it to track every bottle on every rack. It also tracks bottles drunk, removed, sold, etc. I haven’t found anything it won’t do. It’s a great app, by far the best wine app I’ve seen to keep track of your cellar(s).

Marvelous App!

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lori migliori's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 6/3/18 9:26 PM

Marvelous App. Have been using for 4+ years and love it! Found this app when we had 20+ cases (in boxes) Recorded all wine by box. After purchasing three large wine coolers, app extremely easy to transfer from boxes to coolers!!! Cellars now close to 1000 wines—-VinoCel is terrific


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Hifly210's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 6/24/18 7:30 PM

I have been using this APP for ten months and have inventoried and managed a large and diverse cellar of wines with over 1400 bottles in stock. I have never lost a bottle and I know where to find the ones that most need to be drunk now. Using the group feature, I can set aside wines for my wife to grab whenever she wants without making a mistake. And, the cloud backup gives me confidence we get it right. Great job!

Terrible UX and no camera support!

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Kennethvs's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 6/11/18 2:54 AM

This app has a nice web site and makes it look easy, but the user experience is clumsy and cumbersome. Add to that the lack of camera support to scan labels and I just gave up and requested my refund from Apple!

User interface

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ShadyApp's Review of Vinocell

Reviewed on 5/8/18 7:03 PM

Good app, it is not very intuitive. You have to complete a single task.