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Recipe Gallery app review

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Customer Reviews of the Recipe Gallery App

Erased recipes

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12lickmyshoe's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 9/4/18 4:58 AM

I was really enjoying this app until All of my recipes where somehow deleted. I went to use the app and they were no longer there... Also, when I try to add a recipe buy selecting the + sign it will often kick me out of the app.

This app is great! So easy to use and get your recipes organized

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3kids1993's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 9/27/18 11:16 AM


Cookbook fanatic loves it!!!!!

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eversofrench's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 9/21/18 7:22 PM

Not much of a techie here but absolutely love it!!! Cookbook fanatic and always adding new books but couldn’t always find the recipe I needed when I needed it. Now I can!! Leftover fruit a little too ripe? The dual category lets me save to several categories like “fruit, bananas’ bread, cake”. Always nervous about trying new apps but this was so easy! Why did I wait?

Recipe storage

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juilletbrille's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 9/20/18 3:29 PM

This is such a great way to store recipes by category!

Can I give this 10 stars?

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hulagirl47's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 9/17/18 8:17 PM

I've tried several apps to save recipes; my own recipes, recipes from the web, from magazines, and emails. RG is the best I've used. It's easy to use, even saving pictures of recipes, and ability to add your own notes within each recipe. You are able to "capture" recipes and "crop" the area you want to save to GB. You can add your own favorite "categories" to manage your recipes easily. You can use the camera on your iPad/iPhone (probably other devices too) to add a recipe from magazines or your own recipe cards. So easy! Just take a photo, then you can crop the photo of the recipe narrative before adding it to RG. And, you can even make the words darker or lighter for easy reading!! If necessary, you could take more than one photo of the recipe if it's on two pages, cards, etc., and just keep adding "cards" to the one recipe on RG. You add the photo of the dish the same way! And when you go in to use the recipe, when you tap the "card" it opens up into a larger kitchen friendly version. Can't be easier. I've had several questions and Mike always responded in less than 24 hours, with clear, complete and easily understood answers. Thanks, Mike! Awesome support! My suggestion is to read ALL the HELP, TIPS & FAQs, and BOOKMARK sections, especially if you use Safari. Try it! I know you will love the ease and versatility. And Mike's quick, friendly, excellent support is just an email away if you encounter problems or have questions. It really is the best recipe management system. I love this app and use it every single day.

Outstanding App and Support

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BeBe's Maid's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 9/1/18 6:14 PM

I’ve been using Recipe Gallery for about a year now on my iPad. It’s one of the most useful, well thought-out, and stable apps that I have. From the excellent Safari Plug-in to capture recipes on the fly for future processing over the easy-as-can-be way to add recipes from any source, to the daily use functions: just a joy. I’ve had a couple of issues in usability when trying to capture recipes on websites that are overlaid with share icons or the dang injected ads. However, I just finally figured out how to work around that by adding multiple cards “from website” and capture around the blasted overlays. Perfect! The only addiction to functionality that I would wish for is an ability to copy cards between recipes. Overall, whole hearted big 5 stars! My friends with Android only are drooling.

Almost easy

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8Trillian's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 9/1/18 5:16 PM

This app is mainly easy to use. I like that you can put in recipes from photos, as well as type them in manually and collect them from internet sources. Although collecting them from the internet is not that easy for me. If the recipe is long I can’t seem to get the whole thing. Mainly, I’ve been working around that by taking screenshots of the recipes, then grabbing the screenshots. Once you have the recipes they are easy to categorize and find by either title or picture.

Love this app

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Old Gray Mare II's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 8/7/18 1:52 PM

For years have looked for a recipe app that will import PDFs. This one does it well. Printing,exporting, air drop etc all useful tools. Only suggestion would be to add a notes section along with text colors. Currently you can add comments but they don’t stand out.


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Nat671's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 8/31/18 6:50 PM

It’s great to keep all my recipes in one place. What I love is that I can annotate recipes!! Sharing is a breeze too

Handy app

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pittura's Review of Recipe Gallery

Reviewed on 8/29/18 12:48 PM

I was able to import all the favorites and take photos of my mom’s had written recipes. Now it’s all in my phone so when I’m shopping and want to check ingredients it’s easy.