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Menu Planner app review

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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 4.07
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Customer Reviews of the Menu Planner App

Helpful, but would like more

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Kkacnf's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 7/5/18 7:41 PM

I use this on a regular basis. App was very helpful until I had to reinstall on a new iPad. Now what is in my phone won’t sync with my iPad which is a real pain since I prepare recipes from my iPad and use the phone for the grocery list. Please fix this! It is helpful in making grocery lists and planning meals if you can sync between devices. Set up takes a while since you have to enter everything. I would love to merge something like Grocery Pal with this app to update store prices with weekly sales. With store Aisle set up, I can easily organize my shopping list for my favorite stores. As a cost conscious shopper, I would love to see the ads in one place to compare prices.


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Travel51's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 7/26/18 7:53 PM

Requested login multiple times in order to sync with my new iPad with no response, resulting in all my recipes remaining on my old iPad without access on the new one.

Love it, organize, rate, make notes

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Mondolpha's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 7/19/18 2:43 PM

This app is wonderful for organizing recipes and making a menu. You can make your own categories. I have a category for easy, one for snacks, etc... I also like that there is an area for notes. I can review the recipe to note what worked or didn’t work.

Still Great

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7lds's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 7/15/18 8:34 PM

Can say how much I love this app! I’ve used it for years now and it still works great. I have no problems with it syncing to all my devices. I love having all my recipes in my pocket. It has made a last minute change in dinner plans easy, while out shopping, being able to pull a recipe up and make sure I have everything needed. Thanks!

Doesn’t sync

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Lovewm's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 6/7/18 10:32 PM

Another abandoned app! Very nice idea,but crashes constantly and promises a sync between devices that doesn’t happen.

I’ve been using it for years !

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LadyMacleod's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 6/3/18 11:04 PM

I love this app. It syncs very well with all the recipe sights I use. I’ve stored my recipes here for years and can share them with anyone with just the click of a button. I love the shopping list and if I forget my iPad, no problem because it syncs to my iPhones and my Apple I watch. I love that it auto tracks my pantry and the number of times I’ve used a recipe. It’s so easy to edit a recipe or add notes for other possible uses. When I just don’t know what to make , I can look thru my old menus or look up recipes by ingredient. Very Convenient!

NEEDS an update

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BWO73's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 4/23/18 4:25 PM

I have used this app for years and have invested quite a bit of time in it. I have added all of the weight Watchers points to my pantry items and this has kept me on track. I do all my shopping with this app, syncing my iPad with my phone. HOWEVER, it has not been updated in over two years. Now I have syncing issues. The iPad won’t sync at all. Is an update coming? Or should I just abandon this now?

First try, wouldn't import recipes!

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Bjbudd's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 2/7/18 8:43 PM

First thing I needed to do was import recipes, it wouldn't or couldn't do it. Tried the help menu, every time I tried to contact them, it came up with an error. This app doesn’t appear to be finished. Don’t waste your time or space.

Excellent app

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Sujatha92's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 2/7/18 11:03 PM

I disagree with recent negative reviews. There have been some syncing issues with upgrades in the past (I've learned to always note the source of the recipe so I can return to it if needed). However I've been using it successfully since 2011 with no major issues. I use it on a daily basis to keep track of recipes & shopping list, ability to add items from recipes to list is excellent, as is the meal-planning ability. The few times I've had issues, messages from support were always prompt and helpful. Set up and recipe entry are slightly cumbersome but that is because items & recipes are so able to be customized individually that I can't think of anyway to improve this without taking away the adaptability inherent in its design. This app makes meal planning so much easier and I truly could not function as a busy working parent as well as I do without it!!!

They took away the most important tool!

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FullOfIdeas's Review of Menu Planner

Reviewed on 12/8/18 12:39 PM

Used to love this app. I have used it for years and put tons of time in to it saving all the meals that I make for my family. THEN, you all decided to "upgrade" the app and took away the most useful piece of the whole app- the CATEGORIES in the food list. I had my foods set up as "fish dishes, chicken, soup, vegetarian..." And it made it super simple to make my meal plans for each week. Now I just have one massive alphabetical list of items and it really doesn't help me at all. So upset about it because I had spent so much time in this app and it was super helpful. I can't find another app that had such an easy interface and all my meals are already loaded. Can you please fix this?!? Give us back this simple user friendly item and stop adding bells and whistles!