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By Carlo Alberto Mazzi

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Handy Cookbook app review

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  • Price: $1.99
  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Updated: Oct 30 2019
  • Version: 2.6.3
  • Size: 5.67 MB
  • Seller: Carlo Alberto Mazzi
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Customer Reviews of the Handy Cookbook App

Like the app, but the latest version has a bug.

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srb102's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 8/12/18 4:03 AM

The latest version doesn’t work properly on the iPhone 8.When I enter a recipe, the fractional amounts are not placed into the recipe properly. It requires going into edit each of the entries to get it correct. This is the case whether I type in the entries or use voice dictation. When you go into edit the entry, there is some weird syntax that shows up. The fractional quantities for teaspoons, cup, etc. are not there.

Love the app -- so happy for the update!

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wordslite's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 12/25/17 3:13 PM

I have 224 recipes in this app. Love the layout, how easy it is to add & categorize recipes... In addition to using it at home, I use it at the grocery store to remind me of ingredients I might not have or for something I just feel like making. When the warnings about the app not working with iOS 11 kept coming up, I frantically looked for an alternative & didn't install 11. Everything else seems to want to give you their recipes, while I want to keep mine. Thank you for updating (although I still haven't moved to 11)! Please keep this useful app available!

Over a year and I still use it every week

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Chris Mead's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 10/30/19 2:11 PM

I was looking for a blank slate that I could mold to my own style. I file recipes oddly - by genre, ingredient, holidat and daypart (crazy but it works). and I have my own shorthand for ingredients and measurements. so, any app that forced me into a box was no good. and, I wanted easy backups and flex ability to share/output. I tried a bunch and they all failed. this is simply one of the best apps I have - it does exactly what it promises, extends my recipes easily back to other formats, ties the PC in if that's how I want to load/edut a recipe. easy to backup, edit and update. I took 4 thick paper files of recipes - pulled the very best (my go-to list) and loaded them. I also load new, untried recipes on the fly and delete them when they stink - update them with my alterations. I liberally add notes to everything. now, we add photos. this has made me a better home cook and everything is accessible when I travel. freaking amazing.

Disjointed. Not up to standards

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CoolBana's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 10/30/19 2:11 PM

Used this app in the past with an older version of Mastercook on an older PC. Loaded Mastercook 14 and cannot import to my iPad, either via wifi or by using the cable. No support link on the developer's site. Very disappointed.

Handy Cookbook

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D1carter's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 10/30/19 2:11 PM

Great update! Have added all family recipes to new cookbook. I use this app almost daily. ***** This app will no longer work with the next iOS update. I hope it is updated. I would hate to lose all my recipes. Please let us know your plans . Cheers! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Will not connect

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K9 Handler's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 10/30/19 2:11 PM

I have been using this app for well over a year until all the recent updates. I'm not sure if it is the app or the new 5.0 or a combination of both. But since I updated I can get connect through my browser. Up till now I have had no problems at all. I don't like giving 1 star to something I use on a daily basis but as of right now it is useless to me. I more be more than happy to change this when a fix comes out or either I get a reply to my e-mail I sent a few weeks ago.

This Is an Excellent App

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Doug S AZ's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 10/30/19 2:11 PM

This is a well planned and excellent app. The developer has been thorough and put himself in the position of the user. The app is robust in the way it deals with user cookbooks. For example, it readily imports and categorizes MasterCook files and recipes. The developer is also very responsive to questions and suggestions In short, this is what a lifestyle app should be.

Just What I Needed For My IPad

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KH-TX's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 10/30/19 2:11 PM

This app does just what it says and no more, which is fine with me. I have an extensive recipe collection in Living Cookbook and was in a pickle trying to get recipes onto my IPad for an upcoming trip. I am grateful that another reviewer made it clear that this app contains no recipes, but is designed for importing recipes from another source. There were so many apps and most contained recipes and were not what I needed. Although I found the instructions on importation from Living Cookbook a little confusing, I muddled through and amazingly it worked! I now have all my recipes on my IPad and ready to roll. I recommend this app for anyone using Living Cookbook or Master Cook. It works well.

Love this app

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Stobk's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 10/30/19 2:11 PM

Great app, especially if you have MasterCook or Living cookbook programs. Thank you for all your hardwork. And, if y'all like this app, don't forget to donate.

Something happened

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csb18's Review of Handy Cookbook

Reviewed on 10/30/19 2:11 PM

I do looove this app. But, lately it won’t let me add recipes on my iPhone or iPad. I’ve tried emailing Carlos; but, I don’t think he’s received them because I’ve had no response. What I have on my app works beautifully, but, I need to add more recipes. I hope he will find a way to show me how to fix it!