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Customer Reviews of the Emeals App

Good option for planning dinners

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oldkatie's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/6/18 8:51 PM

EMeals has been great for planning dinners and grocery shopping lists, but the recipes could use a review system within the app. We’ve had a few recipes that needed feedback or where we made tweaks that made the recipe work better (for us) that could be shared if there was a way for that.

Great concept, not really for couples

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Dimmiedisaster's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/6/18 2:11 PM

I have wanted to find an alternative to Blue Apron that was more customizable. I love the concept of this, select your meals, send your order to Walmart, pick up your food and cook. Its very easy to customize the recipes. You get to pick out your groceries yourself. Its just that the recipes are made for families and if you select a meal plan for 2, its clearly just the family recipe cut in half, its not a meal plan based around what kind of groceries are suitable for 2. Also, you have to buy a TON of groceries. Meals don’t coordinate so all your extra groceries, which might be things you wouldn’t otherwise buy or prepare, are on you to use up. I feel like if I have to buy ingredient X for one recipe, and it traditionally comes packaged with twice the amount needed then another recipe should incorporate that. That’s how I would plan my meals on my own. Also, it won’t ever offer Clicklist as an option for me, even though I live in an area where Clicklist is an option, its not an option on the app. Walmart groceries are just not as good or varied as what you get in a dedicated grocery store.

Overpriced crap, crap customer service

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jchsf's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/6/18 1:09 PM


Why no iPad appropriate app?!?!

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BusyStudent2012's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/5/18 7:30 PM

I love eMeals so much and I use it weekly. I’ve used a few different meal plans, but currently my favorite is Eating Well, since there are a good variety of healthy meals, and frankly I like the photos and nutritional info available. The app on the phone is amazing, but overall I’d recommend including more photos for the recipes, it makes things more interesting and enticing. But it’s a hassle to use my iPhone when cooking, and I try to use my iPad in the kitchen. But the app is just meant for the iPhone and doesn’t work well on my iPad at all! It only works in profile mode, basically a blown-up version of the iPhone screen. I have to tilt the thing sideways in its stand. There is an easy fix for this! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an iPad friendly app!! You can have the ingredients on one side and the cooking instructions on the other in landscape mode!! This would make the process of actually cooking the meals so much easier!!

The best family meal prep for a very active family

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Jjcollins724's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/5/18 6:21 PM

Honestly love the meals and all the meal prep options. I love you can change your meal plan any time. I’m not a person that likes to cook, however eMeals has started to turn me into a person who enjoys cooking! The food is amazing and the recipes are easy to follow. My kids cook using the app/plans. So it makes anyone look like they can cook. This app and the food plans have made me look good as a mother, wife and cook! Thank you eMeals!

Yummy & helping our budget!

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annoyed in small city's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/5/18 12:10 AM

Not only have all the meals we have prepared so far been really good, but we spent $100 less on groceries a week! I’ve used meal delivery kits before to try to help me figure out meals and keep our budget on track, but every time I try those it ends up being more of a headache. Something goes wrong with shipping or we forget to skip a week. This is the perfect solution for our family.

Come on eMeals-Where is the nutrition information??

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veggie fam's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/5/18 10:52 PM

I’ve been a subscriber for years to the family vegetarian plan. I love the app, the menus, and the time eMeals saves me in meal planning. Most of the meals are very good. My teenage kids give it a big thumbs up seal of approval. My only complaint is the lack of nutrition info. I like to track my calories in my Fit Bit and it would be easier if the info was provided. I’ve called and written to their team with request for nutrition info. The customer service rep told me that they have many requests for that info, but as yet it is only available for a few of the plans. Why???

No way to change menu?

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eay354's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/5/18 10:39 AM

How come there’s no way to switch menus? I chose one menu and once I saw the options realized my kids won’t like most of it so I wanted to change menus and there’s no way to so. I also accidentally typed in my email address incorrectly and there’s no way to change it. Ugh

Serious LOVE

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Aaron Roughton's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/4/18 6:11 PM

I have used emeals for over 8 years for our family of 5. I Have used many different plans as our kids got older, dietary needs changed, and just wanted something different. eMeals changed my life! Yes, I still dislike cooking- mostly, but now I don’t have to think about what we’re going to eat, if it’s healthy, shopping, etc. I use amazon fresh, a quick run to Costco and we’re golden. TIP: I usually find that 3-4 meals is enough for the week combined with leftovers, going out to eat, etc. Thank you EMEALS!!

One half star, maybe less

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jen_and_snowy's Review of Emeals

Reviewed on 9/4/18 2:10 AM

I found this app difficult to see, use, and was harassed on the phone when I wanted to end my free trial; when you do end it, you can’t keep the free recipes either. They disappeared into my email somewhere, and the app shut down. So good luck enjoying this service. Worst app ever.