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By Marko Kraupner

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Stock Trader Professional app review

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  • Updated: Jan 10 2019
  • Version: 4.0.6
  • Size: 40.97 MB
  • Seller: Marko Kraupner
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Customer Reviews of the Stock Trader Professional App

No Free Trial Period!!

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BlondieD19612003's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 7/4/18 5:50 PM

I signed up today 7/4/2018 for a free trial period which stated to end on 7/11/2018. Later on this after I get an alert from my credit card of charges to for this app. I went and took screen shots of Free Trial and screen shot of the charges. I am deleting this app as soon as I get off the phone from credit card company. That should have never happened to me or anyone. Don’t make an offer you can’t keep. Sad because I can’t say now if I like the program simply because trust has been broken

make it similar to stocktwits

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yeningi's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 6/22/18 10:36 PM

stocktwits ban members all the time. Can you make something like their app so people can move over.

This is the one.

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Mlgamer62's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 5/4/18 2:41 PM

Hi my name is julian olivares, i trade stocks on a day basis even though i am only 15 years old i know more then you think i know, i have been taught by this group of investor on this app which is truly worth $60 instead of $2k, this is not a pump or dump room this is the real deal with real experience investor, i have tried so many apps but this one is the top of my list, i NEVER pay for a app but this one was so worth it plus i already turned a profit from there advise, there is no bot and we are alway friendly and are on the look out every day for new stock, our returns are the best i have seen and i have nothing else to say. If you wanna start trading it will take some work but it is worth it at the end, if i can do it at my age then you can for sure. Best regards Julian olivares (youngest stock investor)

Great tool to help get out of grind

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Harbinger613's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 3/1/18 2:26 AM

I’m a professional and work hard for every dollar I bring home for my family. There’s never an extra penny. I always wanted to buy and sell stock to make an extra buck but simply don’t have the time to do the right research. This app “fills the gap” (to use Marko’s lingo). I’m still a novice, but I have a lot of hope that, with God’s help, the tips offered here can pave the way to a couple of extra bucks. The chat is fun and very amicable. Very much enjoy it. Keep up the excellent work. bitachon

User friendly and great info

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Ewgigem's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 2/28/18 9:29 PM

I love the chat function and Marko is great with advice. The chat allows you to get all sorts of people input on stocks and trading. The app is very easy to use. I’d recommend to most stock traders.

best app for stocks/trading

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Cartman786's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 12/29/18 1:04 PM

Iam a new newbie to stocks and this app is really helpful .The support team is online from 7am to 4pm everyday and they provide all real time updates on the market in the chat room. love this app!!!

Just wow

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JaysenOGT's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 12/29/18 1:04 PM

All the reviews I have read are spot on so I will just say ditto. My case is as follows: I am a smart guy with some extra cash so let me play in the market and show the wife what I can do. Four weeks later I’m down $2,000. More research and non stop reading finds me to this app. What can I say, Marko is a professional trader that teaches as he goes. I learn discipline, patience, research and now I’m positive in a month after signing up. We have a huge week coming up and I can’t be more excited. This app is a gift only shadowed by Markos greatness. Cheers my friend, Customer for life. Jaysen

A "Must-Have" For Any Investor

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Shah8989's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 12/29/18 1:04 PM

If you are a beginner to an expert trader this app is a must have. The app is simple and easy to navigate through as they keep bringing spectacular updates to it. I've been part of dozen stock trading chatrooms and this one is the most intuitive. I've had the app for over a year now and have learned so much from the helpful advice provided by Marko. It's like having personal stock trading advice. Marko is honest, disciplined and reliable when it comes to his trading. I highly recommend this app. It is worth the 7 day free trial and then you'll see why it's a must have. -ShahRPH

Not your average stock trading app

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Savvysavit's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 12/29/18 1:04 PM

As other reviewers have mentioned, this is not merely an app. This is a service provided by a real person, Marko. Each day the market is open, Marko is in the chat describing the pre-market conditions (the large indices, current events and how they may influence it, etc.) and coming up with a tentative plan for the ten or so stocks he has on his radar for the subscribers. Usually the set of stocks is a combination of a few long term picks and several short-term swing trades, lately a lot of biotech, oil, and tech companies but I have also seen retail and other industries. In addition to providing real-time stock selections, if you have the chat feature, Marko answers all of your questions about the general market, as well as about any stocks that you are considering that are not on his main watchlist. Most of the time, he gives his fair, objective opinions and will provide a chart to explain his thought process. It is like having a trader friend who sits with you all day who is willing to share all of his knowledge and experience with you. He is professional, generous with his wisdom, and kind. The chat is also great to connect with other users who vary greatly in experience in trading. Many times, I will ask a basic question and one of the other users will guide me. The personalities of everyone emerge in the chat and though it can get a little derailed sometimes, Marko herds us back to focus. It is a great dynamic and I feel like I've learned all the personalities and made some friends, even though I've never met the other users in real life. No question is a s***** question, and if you have this app you can absorb a wealth of information just by the collective experience of Marko and the rest of the members. So, take the plunge and start with the free first week. But, only do it if you are ready to be hooked onto this invaluable service and start to make some real money.


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J Nepaul's Review of Stock Trader Professional

Reviewed on 12/29/18 1:04 PM

Marko is an amazing trader! If you are a rookie or an experience trader you need to have this app!