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Stock Tickerpicker app review

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  • 2 Ratings
  • Price: $4.99
  • Category: Finance
  • Updated: Nov 5 2017
  • Version: 5.7.3
  • Size: 17.00 MB
  • Seller: MF Software
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Customer Reviews of the Stock Tickerpicker App

App doesn’t work

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Great game... Epic game's Review of Stock Tickerpicker

Reviewed on 11/5/17 9:10 PM

I bought this thinking it would give me some helpful data. I open the app and none of the charts show. The icons just spin acting like they are trying to load something.

Decide first if want the technical analysis

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TripleG4's Review of Stock Tickerpicker

Reviewed on 11/21/17 11:39 AM

I was looking for a basic app that would plot the funds that I own and some of the indices I follow (DJIA, S&P, etc.). Perhaps even offer the ability to compare funds, ten year growth charts and such. Even better would have been a with and without dividends. None of this is here. What is here is a pretty nice looking “price” graph in the center of the display along with a top and bottom graph that you can configure to show different types of “technical” analysis. If you are not a big believer in these types of analysis (I am not) they can be a distraction. Be nice if you there was an option to turn these off. Maybe use the space to plot an index or look at dividends, costs, volume (which is part of the price plot but could also be placed on its own panel). Basically provide more options to configure what you want to see. In short - if you want the technical analysis this app is a good choice. If not, skip it.