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Numero app review

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  • Price: $3.99
  • Category: Finance
  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 2.7.5
  • Size: 3.87 MB
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Customer Reviews of the Numero App

Great App

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Sean Thompson's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 9/1/18 1:31 PM

That is been great over the past – I can’t remember I think it’s been over a year… Anyway I can only see one improvement, please make the search filter so you are able to set a future date. I placed some of my payments further out, and like to see that they are accounted for. As an alternative, -instead of having to use a filter to look into the future – could you also just make it so it did this by default?

Waste of money!!

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DontWasteYourTime&Money's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 6/24/18 4:12 AM

Can’t transfer between accounts! Funds transferred from checking to credit card purchases count as double expenses. Monthly budget completely inaccurate! Don’t waste your money on this one dimensional app

Just bought this app....

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DELDenver's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 4/10/18 5:19 PM

Had problems getting signed in and it wouldn’t send a password reset....developer sent a temporary password and I was able to get it going. So, I’m keeping it and giving it a try.

Best register app available!

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ibHOSS's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 12/29/18 1:23 PM

Been using this app for years now and have to say it is the easiest and fastest one to use. Always works and you can even enter a transaction very quickly on an Apple Watch! Maybe I am a bit a*** but I like to be able to see EXACTLY how much money I have available in my accounts every second of each day. I dont keep a lot of extra money in my checking account since there are no interest benefits anymore, so being able to see what exactly is available helps me decide if that item i just stumbled on is affordable or not. I love that it just automatically syncs between all my apple devices also. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Excellent Update

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Josiah E. Bartlet's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 12/15/18 12:57 PM

Version 2.0 Update Ok, so the developer has finally brought Numero into the iOS 7 fold and I’ve got to say, even with the retina burning effects of the latest iteration of iOS, this app does a fine job of making this app look & feel like it “just belongs” with the stock suite of apps on your iDevice. First off, this is flat everywhere. It’s not a bad thing necessarily, but coming from the 1.x version, it’s like getting UI whiplash. That said, the graphics are once again simple, intuitive, and easy on the eyes without being unnecessarily flashy or using any battery draining animations. Setup is still a breeze. If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, your data will be there on the other side. As before, adding transactions is incredibly simple and only takes a few taps. Reconciliation is a breeze as well and only requires you to hit one button to acknowledge that it’s been reconciled. The filters system has been greatly improved in terms of simplicity to use. It’s ridiculously easy to figure figure out how much you’ve spent on a given vendor, category, or a specific tag you’ve set. Mix & match the filters as you need and when you’re done, there’s a nifty “reset filters” button that puts it all back to default. The monthly summary page is also improved from the 1.x app. At a glance, you can see the number of transactions, number of reconciled vs. unreconciled, starting & ending balance, difference, and your starting & ending balance. Tapping on the number of transactions from the monthly summary page will automatically bring up the entire list from the month you’re viewing. And a fun tip once you’re there: tapping the blue bar that says “Showing Filtered Results” will bring up the filter selection screen allowing you to further prune the transactions. I’ve been using version 2.0 since it came out at the end of May and I can safely say that this is a well thought out and crafted update. Features have been added for those who like to micromanage the details without making it overcomplicated for those who only want to see how much they have to spend. Once again, I’m quite happy to give this app 5 stars.

Works great

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Donald Walen's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 12/15/18 12:57 PM

This app is very helpful, I like that you can plan ahead by entering future purchases and it calculates in there. It's useful when you have a recurring expense, or perhaps preorder something, it allows you to plan it out and see the purchase in context with your income leading up to it. As long as it's used properly I could see anyone getting great use out of this app. It's not gonna change your world but I find it a good way to keep a form of digital checkbook. It has a search function which can also be helpful, especially when you use tags.


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pct1818's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 12/15/18 12:57 PM



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Zurga 11's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 12/15/18 12:57 PM

Have tried other check book apps and have been disappointed mostly in the sync mode. Yours works very well. The simplicity of the app makes it work very well. Maybe in the next upgrades you will include a recurring expense. That would be very helpful. All in all, very happy with it. Arnie O


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Bret2013's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 12/15/18 12:57 PM

This is the worst financial type program that I have ever seen. I would not recommend it to anyone and it is not worth the purchase price.

Works Perfectly!!!

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Tad2007's Review of Numero

Reviewed on 11/11/17 4:51 PM

After i reconcile left it’s users in a bind, I searched and searched for a replacement checkbook app. This app is even better in my opinion! Works smoothly, easy transactions. Love!!!