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  • Updated: Nov 30 -0001
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Customer Reviews of the Viki App

Legend of fuyuo

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Lolococo21345388's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 9/30/18 6:49 PM

Great movie

Decent app

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MariedeniseJo's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 9/30/18 2:40 AM

I’m a premium member, For some reason it keeps crashing I downloaded it on my amazon fire tv. It’s fine but I can’t access it on my phone anymore. On a plus note I love their show collections.

Bad subs

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A. A. Branham's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 9/30/18 12:56 AM

I like the variety, but the subtitles are written poorly.

Good For a While

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Maladybuglisa's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 9/29/18 7:02 PM

I have subscribed consistently for 4, maybe 5 years and recently cancelled due to building frustration over this past year. It is convenient if, and I say if, the episodes are subtitled in a timely manner. I kick myself when I try, and emphasize try, to watch with the group as it is released because I enjoy the viewer comments. It is part of the experience. But lately, when the subber wars ensues, as a paying customer, it is resiculous. Viki relies on volunteers to sub these awesome works of art so we in other countries can enjoy watching. But this becomes a problem if the volunteers are not able to translate when the shows are released. I am not bothered by the subbers hostile responses to viewers petition for subs, I just don’t understand why they take the brunt of the complaints so personal when the problem is Viki taking in a subscription fee, but not compensating these translators when this is the fundamental reason why we subscribe. Some say it is money for licensing. But I found the same shows on free sites, with more episodes available and often times...are subbed before Viki. Even You Tube? This was my primary reason for cancelling my subscription . The other part of my reason is, the free sites offer far more shows than Viki. I have exhausted the watchlist on Viki so they can’t deliver content over an extended period of time. In addition, the free sites have one commercial upon hitting play to where Viki, will insert ads every 8to10 minutes. This gets people to pay. The bottom line is what is important to the viewer. If you are new to this scene, it is worth a try but, I suggest you wait to watch a show until it has been out and is 100% subbed. What is sad to me is, a year ago, I would have rated 5 stars but this subber war is out of hand. Good Luck

Not cool

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Vinguyen619's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 9/29/18 2:23 PM

I purchased a regular membership for $4.99/month then I realized I couldn't watch the shows i want since it have to be $9.99. So I upgraded it like in 2 seconds, i still got charged for both. I will cancel and find another app.

Using the free access

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Bfengliu's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 9/29/18 1:34 PM

I have been using this App more vs the Drama fever because the commercials actually load and not leave you hanging for over 3 minutes. One bug I noticed was that after awhile when I click into the app it’s a black screen... the current fix is to delete the app and then download it back onto my iPad. I like I can use it on my iPhone to pick up on where I left off when I have free time waiting. I just wish that like the Disney, CW, and CBS app that you don’t have to do paid membership to cast it on a larger monitor.


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catzGB's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 9/28/18 11:24 PM

I guess the dramas come and go.. wanted to watch. City Hunter again and a few others, but they don’t turn up anymore. Just how it works I suppose.

Best of the lot

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Sheishun's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 9/27/18 8:30 PM

After some years now as a VP holder it’s become clear that, despite the VPP nonsense, VIKI is the best drama streaming site/app. The other K-drama sites just don’t size up after all, I’ve tried them to no avail. VIKI has the best choices for new (on air) and old dramas, the best organizational perks (watch lists, collection lists, etc), the best with fan interactions (discussion & ratings sections, timed comments, news articles, actor page comments, etc), the best subs, not to mention the great volunteers that make it happen. Go for the VPP if you can afford it, but the VP is quite suitable if you don’t mind waiting with the delayed viewing of new shows.

Asian movies Galore!

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Anne&Gilbert's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 9/27/18 7:57 PM

I now only spend my time watching Asian movies. The next best visual art to reading. From an Avid Reader


star star star star star

jasmnex107's Review of Viki

Reviewed on 8/9/18 8:32 PM

This is the best I drama that I ever have heard of like I have seen concerts or viedios,music videos of k people but this is the best