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  • Updated: May 18 2018
  • Version: 3.3.1
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Customer Reviews of the My Playhome App

Please add more

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MarthaCollins's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/9/18 8:50 AM

Please add another house and please let 3 people on the game at a time please and more stores and more fun places to go like maybe a water park and a toy store and a daycare thank you

I love these games

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Anonymous1546's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/9/18 7:49 PM

I love playing these games and hope you can add things like... A pool/beach Teenagers and toddlers The ability to change the rooms(if teens were added, the room could be changed to grow with them) A restaurant More houses and cars A retirement home A daycare A dance or gymnastics class A way to save the changes when updates happen More clothes I know that you are most likely very busy on updates already and this may take a long time. I understand. Thank you for taking this into consideration. I love your games please keep making more.

Love it but a few suggestions

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somebodyicantthink's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/8/18 8:40 PM

I love it but I think there should be a beach. Also there should be a swimming center and more stores plus more people. The school seems a bit small. There should be teens since there are only babies, kids and adults. Also more decorations and outfits. More casual clothes for the girls. Tuxes for the boys. Lakes and boats. Also for the hospital there should be casts for the legs too. That’s all I have but it’s a great game. Keep doing what you’re doing! 😃

Please add more

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#add more's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/8/18 5:37 AM

I love all of these games they are fun to play on when u have long car rides or long airplane rides or just any traveling in general. But I do have to say u guys should add some things to the new house because there is nowhere for the baby to sleep. You should also add things like a pool or add different things to each game.


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Lolamove544555's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/8/18 4:00 PM

Can you please put a costume shop and make. My playhome apps have Halloween stuff to please👑👑👑 So kids can dress up, put on play, have costume party and. Pretend please and airport to please. And more house 🏠. ,Bank , more shop,diner,restaurant more school,hotel please. And lot of houses please and do a train station so people goto trip to and a boat and beach and please update next week.Can you also do a part to. And more house and theater include the. Movie theater please please please

I Love It

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Liladila's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/8/18 11:20 AM

This is a super fun game I have them all and I love them but you should add more you should add a pet store were you can buy things from dogs and cats to chickens and pig you should have food and food and water bowl and collers you can put on the pets and there should be a toy store

A bigger car

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Mekenny's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/8/18 10:27 AM

Dear creator of PlayHome, I would like to say why have a small car when u can have a van also if u give us a bigger car could u add a school bus for the school also can u make a van that can hold up to ten people and have four baby car seats and four boosters with a trunk that can open also that can hold bags wheelchairs so ya oh also can u put a surgery room in the hospital

I LOVE these games! But...

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Ripp van winkle's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/7/18 5:33 AM

My friends and I love these games and I have been playing these games since i turned 2 so I have been playing for 7 years almost 8 years! I have been waiting for an update though. A hotel would be pretty nice! When the grandparents are there, they will need a place to stay! I also would like a restaurant, it would be nice for the parents to go out to dinner, but, where would the kids go when the parents are at dinner? DAYCARE! I think that you guys should put a day care next to the schools! Maybe a mansion and a beach that would be pretty cool! Maybe a pool in the back yard of the new house! A mall would make this place EVEN better! My friends and I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you except our idea! Thanks!

I love this game!!!😊 I have some suggestions

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elliebelly🤩😎's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/6/18 7:08 PM

I love this game but I think you need to add a few things, I think you should make another car that has 8 seats. You really need to add another neighborhood that has more houses and candy shop. The candy shop would be the most important part of the town. There should be lollipops and cakes and pies and muffins and milkshakes and ice cream sundays and so on. You need teenagers so there can be all ages. More varieties of cloths, you should make it so you can choose pants, shoes, and shirts. I really really really really want a salon!!!! You should be able to cut your hair and have different hair styles with accessories like a headbands and hair clips. Some things I think you need to upgrade some things in the house. In the bathroom I wish you were able to really shave the men. And use the makeup on the women. There should be a basement with a guest room for the grand parents. There needs to be a pet store, there would be lots of animals with animals supplies! A beach would be great. You would be able to wear swimsuits and go fishing and swim and surfing with surf boards. You should have a cruise ship that takes you to Hawaii.Thank you for listening I hope you suggest on making this a part of my play home.👍🏻 p.s you should make it so the screen is cut in half and you can be in two places at once. -I am 11 and a still love this game!!!!!!

Make things do more stuff

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CricFans's Review of My Playhome

Reviewed on 5/6/18 6:34 AM

I really do like this game but the most of the things don’t do anything like moms makeup and dads shaving machine every body would love the game if you added in.