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By Michael Weber

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Ghost Hunter M2 app review

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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 8.1.8
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Customer Reviews of the Ghost Hunter M2 App

Love it

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sange328's Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 9/18/18 6:30 AM

Worked great for me i would jus like to know where the p-evps are located so i can hear them!

Wow!!!!! 5 STARS!!!!!

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Diary_of_Her_Mind's Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 9/18/18 4:18 PM

I am an extremely spiritual person. I meditate daily, and am deeply connected. Thus far, this app proves to be spot on! My spirit guides have been able to communicate actual names to me of people I were to meet in the future via the app! I have also been able to compare messages in text to what I hear in my altered state of consciousness. Amazing!!!


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Idk il think about it.'s Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 9/17/18 6:05 PM

Like the title says it needs an update. A little bit more of an update to the Emf and evp. Other than that it gives outstanding results. Sometimes when it says a word it doesn’t make sense maybe fix that and I bet you would have a good app!

Was a good app

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Mrhutch35's Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 9/13/18 9:16 AM

I used to have this app on my iPhone 5. I was sitting in my den on night, I turned on the recorder and asked: “is there anyone in here with me?” I play it back and a child’s voice replies “Me”. It used to be a good app, but since I got a new iPhone I cannot record anything. I notice the last update was 2 years ago, is there anything to enable the record function?

It works!

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tythewasherguy's Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 8/21/18 5:58 PM

We where driving and we went past a cemetery and the app started going CRAZY! I mean CRAZY!!!! When we past it the app went quite!! CREEPY!

The real deal

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ArchAngel Tzuriel's Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 8/21/18 11:08 PM

This app is one of the very few phone apps that actually has provided me with direct intelligent responses such as identifying what color shorts I had on as well as glasses, where the TV was located and what really did me in, it even said what was playing on the tv, baseball. I have had a 4 min conversation with an entity and I took advantage of this and asked some probing questions about spirits/energy/ghost whatever you like to call them and how they see the world if they even do see anything and how do they manage to restrengthen themselves, as well as why did they remain earthbound, there were three entity only one answered but did mention there were two others It mentioned that it was cold, lonely, about the same & darkness(when asked what did they see), I did get unnerved when I asked what was it’s purpose roaming about, there was a few min of silence compared to the almost instant responses from earlier, after 3-4min I had thought communication was lost but then got the response it answered: FEED I turned pale and decided to end the conversation and ended up spending the entire night till morning outside in my backyard on my lounge chair recliner There was no way I could sleep after seeing that and it felt all too real as I was getting non stop answers that were specific to my questions that were also not common questions After that I only had one other encounter of intelligent responses which lead me to have a catholic priest bless the home since I feared I was attracting unwanted attention from energies lingering about. One thing to keep in mind is that you must have all electronics off or unplugged or be in an area that’s not polluted with electrical signals/waves/etc this will give false and random weird messages that make no sense You need to calibrate the app by letting it run and left in the room unbothered for a few minutes so it can acclimate, you’ll notice this once it stops spewing random nonsensical words, after this you should most likely either have responses given when you speak and do give it time to respond if you ask too many questions in a row it gets confusing and almost always you will not get an answer Another thing to note is that you can use this at any given time of day, spirits don’t have schedules and contrary to popular belief hauntings as well as EVPs have been documented occurring in broad daylight It’s just that at night there’s less noise, interference with communication like radios, phones, planes, cars, people etc, At 3 am you can hear a pin drop so makes sense when your trying to listen for any strange noises. Either way I found this app useful many many times and it’s a great find IMO. Sure there’s better more pro equipment out there but keeping it simple for random sessions this works just as good. Happy Hunting, be safe and don’t try to make contact with specific entities, it’s like talking on the phone to a stranger with no way of identifying who they are, anyone can lie, so just beware of what you call out to, especially if you have kids, they are like magnets to them, I have 2 kids and was one reason for the house blessing. Well thanks to those who cared to read this review as this is my first and probably last but wanted to share my experience using this tool and give some tips for better communication and experience. Cheers


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dana_burger's Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 8/13/18 1:47 PM

I am very skeptical of these ghost hunter apps. I would use other apps and just get random words and nonsense. Well, let me tell you that there’s some truth behind this app. I was at a House, was told an older gentleman had died snow blowing the driveway. I was sitting on the floor, in the master bedroom, eating some carrots and had my water bottle right next to me. The EVP was reading, “rug, dinner, drink, carrot” ok, that’s kinda specific, it got my attention. Then it said “play” “catch me” the radar sweep went wacko. Several yellow, blue and red dots non-stop all around the radar for about 30 sec. now I don’t know if this is part of the program on the app, but i have spent endless hours on this app and have not been able to duplicate that event. Also, when you ask questions, I never get immediate responses... a few specific responses came hours later. A few times I turned the app on and while I was driving, it seemed to know exactly where I was going, more specific, what street I was going. “ my job requires driving and work inside houses” i am careful not to say where I’m going, I don’t want the microphone to hear what I’m saying. So one time the EVP said “Eric” and over a period of an hour, said sweater 3 times. When I arrived at the house, the home owner’s name was “Erric” and he was wearing a sweater, in the middle of summer. Interesting app, I think overall it’s s good tool, have used it with Ghost radio, interesting results when both are being used together.

Good app but fake EMF

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lit dude 353's Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 7/7/18 6:44 PM

While eating dinner at my home I noticed some high EMF rates at the table. I did not notice it was a metal knife until I moved it closer to it. Therefore the emf rates where maxed out. It was not only the metal knife it was all metal objects in my home. This app was great for all other uses except for the EMF.

Please fix the emf defector!

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CFlores1's Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 7/6/18 12:23 AM

Every time I want to use emf it keeps saying finalizing and never works now ! I like this app so please fix this!!


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Miss Alice Malice's Review of Ghost Hunter M2

Reviewed on 7/26/18 6:16 PM

EVP sessions do not record the list of words anymore. Stuff is showing up and it "senses" words but the "EVP" list is completely grayed out. :( Please fix :(