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Drawing Pad app review

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  • Price: $5.99
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Updated: May 4 2021
  • Version: 2.7
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Customer Reviews of the Drawing Pad App


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Britt michelle's Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 9/27/19 2:10 PM

I didn’t like this at all. Not worth $2. I need a refund. 😐


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jackyya's Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 8/28/19 2:04 PM

So, this is a great drawing app for kids, but if, you’re into more advanced stuff, I’d definitely recommend things like, IBS Paint.

Very good

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7574asdf's Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 8/28/19 2:04 PM

This works really well

Thinking about buying this?

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WildDragonGirl1's Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 7/2/18 6:08 PM

Well, even though the age rating is for kids 6-8, I would recommend this for all ages. It works for drawing any and everything, from complex sketches all the way down to random doodles. Now that I have addressed the good things about this app, let me address some issues. The app crashes. It only happens occasionally, but it sometimes just crashes when you are drawing and when you reopen the app, it didn't save the drawing you were working on. I find this a minor inconvenience. But if you can be patient with that, this app is for you. Only downside is it only gives you two coloring books for starters, and hose coloring books are for babies. Any coloring books for adults you will have to buy. I don't like that. But hey, it's a nice drawing app and all the drawing tools are free!

My Favorite App

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caseyjoanz's Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 2/27/18 3:30 PM

I’d probably learn to live with my large iPhone since iPhone 6L - and now 8L - is almost in the same size range. But they don’t offer Drawing Pad! It just a year or so ago that I discovered the value of using a Photo Image as wallpaper and my work was a second layer completely blend-able with the wallpaper (or “over” the wallpaper) which can be covered but not changed without changing the wallpaper. A bit hard to explain, but the latitude it offers in photo-shopping is my preference over the preferred method. I’ve used this app for years, and I still find it limitless.

Nice art app for free

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inca123's Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 12/4/17 6:25 PM

This is a very nice art app. It’s very basic and could use a color mating feature but it has a lot of options and possibilities Thanks

User friendly and overall great app!!

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*Shazam666*'s Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 12/29/18 1:23 PM

I’ve got no problem paying a dollar here and there for add ones, and what I really love.......NO MONTHLY OR YEARLY SUBSCRIPTIONS!! Lots of colors to use, how wide or narrow you want the tool you use, brushes, pencils, everything in one app. Thank you!!

I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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AAGrey's Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 12/27/17 4:19 AM

I love this app and it is so much better than they advertise it to be!!! Only one complaint: I can’t download it on my phone!

Needs better importing

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Yeah - I said it!'s Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 12/23/17 9:04 PM

I love the style of this design, how everything looks real. You know what the tools do, unlike pricey apps with obscure interfaces. I love the backgrounds/borders! However, this lacks funtionality because it won't import from other apps or icloud. I drew pictures in other apps I want to color with this one. Importing from photos is a privacy risk and doesn't support layers. Please add support for at least three layers. Importing from anywhere should be able to turned off in options (to stop kids from messing something up.) Add Spilt-view for multitasking (could also be turned off.) Keep compatible with ios 10 so not to lose 32bit customers. I'm trying to make a medieval map. Plesse add stickers for castle, king/princess, old house, old walled city, dragon, Chinese dragon, troll/other monster. There's currently no house-cat sticker? Many people hate/fear bugs. Put an option in to hide bugs in drawer, or better, let us hide all stickers we don't want to scroll through every time. Add a pet coloring book with dogs, cats, ponies, ferrets, birds, and lizards. Thanks for your work :).

Add more then it will be the best of the best

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ariellegreenberg's Review of Drawing Pad

Reviewed on 12/16/18 1:16 PM

I wish it had rulers and stencils of all different kind and where you can paint an entire area