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Amaziograph app review

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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 5.0.2
  • Size: 29.20 MB

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So good

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Sixstringseraph's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 9/5/18 6:25 AM

For what it promises to do, it’s great. Works as described, crisp images and smooth operation. My only gripes are the color palette is awkward, I prefer a color wheel or a gradient, and there seems to be minimal line smoothing, which is also quite a ng as I just need to work on my lines lol. Overall, a great app that vastly over delivers much more than what the price would suggest.

My favorite tool, in love with Amaziograph

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Spencer Sterling's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 9/26/18 4:00 PM

I sell prints of mandalas and zentangles, this and Procreate are my favorite apps. I love the new 5.0 edition, the layers, the multiplicative symmetries that you can use together, it’s so fun. I’ve been using this app for about two or three years now, and I’ve only loved it more. I do have one current bug that has never been there before, and it isn’t upsetting me, because I know it’s a bug. When I try to draw with my finger instead of the Pencil, nothing. It doesn’t register my hand, or make any changes to the screen. There’s nothing to undo, or erase. Complete finger rejection. If that’s intentional for use with the pencil like Procreate can do, that’s fantastic because it’s a feature this program would benefit greatly from. But I don’t think so. I think it’s just a bug, and would love to get it fixed so I can make more finger drawings in between charging my pencil.


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Gearloose2013's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 9/2/18 2:08 PM

This is a fun doodling app. With only a little extra effort I’ve made some very pretty screens.

Please add duplicate layer feature

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ok then's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 9/13/18 4:57 AM

Loving this app, especially with the addition of layers! Please add the ability to duplicate a layer. I want to make line art in one layer, then duplicate it to color it in (this lets me keep my line art intact beneath in case I want to quickly clear the coloring job and save the line art)

Great application but lots of bugs

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Irtiam's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 8/9/18 6:42 PM

Hi Developer, I did not see a way to contact you so writing this review. I love this application and I have drawn over 50-60 patterns and mandalas. While it worked as expected all this while since a year, I am now having trouble drawing and retrieving my canvases. I contacted apple and they said nothing is wrong with my iPad or pencil but it’s the application. When I draw, the canvas freezes and i cannot draw further until few seconds. Later those invisible scribbles done show up on screen and I have erase or undo. I also cannot find my drawing at times. Either they are completely deleted or they go blank for certain time and then show up. I want to try deleting app and reinstall it but I am afraid I might lose all my drawings. 1. Please suggest if it’s okay to reinstall app and with no data loss 2. Is there anything I can do regain the flawless experience I had earlier? 3. Have you heard others having same issue? I haven’t gone through your reviews. Thank you!

Lost all my work.

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Nls7889's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 8/8/18 5:01 PM

Appreciative to be able to make amazing designs however I accidentally deleted the app and lost all my patterns and mandalas which I actually created for work. I am a tattoo artist. Ugh. That one hurt.

Lacking features

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ArgyyleStyyle's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 8/27/18 1:57 PM

Without a way to create straight lines, this becomes a worthless app. It’s near impossible to create geometric art freehand. Procreate has this feature, why not here..

Used to..

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Jlynn925's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 8/16/18 4:04 PM

This app was amazing for quite awhile. The past few days I’ve been using it, it freezes in the middle of drawing, erasing, zooming, and takes up to ten seconds to catch up. Now it crashes, and DELETES MY ENTIRE DRAWING. It did it twice and I shrugged it off, but this current drawing I was working on for so long, and now it is just blank. My soul hurts. Ah.

Don’t buy the app until they update it

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Baberuthless00's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 7/8/18 11:55 PM

Deletes your drawings, and freezes once every 5 minutes at least.

Make it stop crashing please!!!!

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Emileegardner's Review of Amaziograph

Reviewed on 7/6/18 9:28 PM

I really love this app, but I’m super over how often it crashes. Currently it’s crashing every time I try to use yellow. Just yellow. Any shade of yellow, it crashes immediately. Sometimes it just crashes for unknown reasons. I think it doesn’t do well with more than 50 drawings in the gallery. If it would stop crashing I would be much happier with it.