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Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses app review

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  • Updated: Jan 15 2020
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  • Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses review screenshots
  • Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses review screenshots
  • Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses review screenshots
  • Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses review screenshots
  • Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses review screenshots

Customer Reviews of the Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses App


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Sonni Ali's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 7/7/18 11:45 AM

Awesome tool one of the most beneficial apps I’ve had

Great practice tools provided for free

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NyereSmooth's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 7/20/18 2:09 AM

I enjoy using LSAT max. I honestly utilize it everyday even though I wish I could afford the full version. However, the daily drills and the free stuff they provide would definitely motivate a future law school student who is preparing to take the LSAT soon, like me.


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Hun💜's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 7/12/18 2:41 AM

There are a lot of things I love about this prep course. First, I was so happy I got to talk to Mehran, the creator of LSATMax. He convinced me to join, and I am not disappointed at all. I’m not going to repeat our entire convo, but one thing that stood out was that Mehran, like the other coaches, started with low scores and all ended with very high scores. Obviously that makes a difference: they understand the journey and don’t speed through “easy” lessons. I honestly love that Mehran explanations last forever. You might not always need it (most likely you should still listen). By the time he’s done, you will likely understand. If you still don’t, check the questions, someone probably has asked; if not, be the first to ask. He’s so predictable. You can bet that he’s not only going to completely explain the right answer, but he will also tell you why every other answer is not right. That’s what I want when I am learning. I don’t want to be told that a question is 4 stars so skip it or don’t worry if you don’t understand. That’s what some other companies will do, because they are tailored for the average student who just wants to do better. It’s never just about doing better at LSATMax (from my experience), it’s about doing your best. I am currently enrolled in another in-person course through a different company which I enjoy, but I am spending way more time using LSATMax. It’s great. If you have the time, you’re dedicated and have high goals, this is likely the best program out there for you. They’ve thought of everything - free custom watch for LSATs and a subscription to the Economist. I mean you don’t have to read it, but if you’re one of the people who really need to practice to do well, LSATMax will have you covered from every angle. Btw, once you buy the program, you have to manually activate you subscription to the Economist so don’t forget. I feel lucky to have found the program, and I hope that I will continue to stay motivated and on top of my practice, as both are necessary, if I will score very well. SVW—>SM & OToP 🙃


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pof_fan's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 6/19/18 11:44 AM

This program by far helps you to understand what your doing and why.


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Gmay925's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 6/14/18 3:59 PM

Very helpful. The daily drills are short, yet help in a big way. The videos explain very well and gives you a better understanding on how to properly set up logical games.

We will see

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RULucky2016's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 4/9/18 6:57 PM

Haven't taken the exam yet so this review could look very different after I receive my score. But I am through the first through lessons and so far the ideas presented are enlightening and engaging so I'm hopeful they will result in success come exam time. I also enjoy that they offer the information in a multitude of ways including flash cards, quizzes, readings and video so to accommodate different learning styles. Certainly worth the download.

The only way to study for the LSAT

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Provoked Christian's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 4/6/18 2:04 PM

I took a (joke of a) LSAT prep course in person over the course of only two Saturday's and somehow thought I’d be ok after that to test.. well not shockingly I didn’t do well. Determined to get into a better school I set out to retest only this time after paying top dollar for a REAL prep course. In my quest for the best prep course I was convinced after much research that it had to be an in-person Kaplin course and that I was going to have to fork over a thousand or more bucks for it. I thank God Almighty that I stumbled on this course just moments before committing! I had a great conversation with the creator of the course, Mehran, over chat and what he said made perfect sense. I tried it out first without spending any money and in minutes knew this was the best prep available. AND it costs significantly less than the others! What a blessing! I thought in-person was the best and only way; however, being able to pause, rewind, speed up/slow down, read posts with in depth explanations, and chat with a coach 24/7 is unbelievably helpful. Not to mention the amount of printed material that comes in the affordable package! Have I said enough?


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lauren-m100's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 4/3/18 3:54 AM

LSATMax helped me maximize a small window of time between the September and December tests to refine some of the skills I’d already practiced, and learn additional strategies for some of the test sections I found especially challenging. Thanks to the on-the-go nature that the app provides, I was able to work through prep exercises without lugging around a big book of practice tests. I incorporated LSATMax Pro into my study routine for just a month and I scored five points higher on the December tests. Thanks LSATMax!

Great if you know what to study

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P_harr's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 3/10/18 11:46 PM

I found this curriculum very helpful if you knew what type of logical reasoning questions you wanted to study. It also had a good overview of logic games but hardly any real help with reading comprehension. There are helpful videos for a very select number of questions, though all questions are explained by request. I wish the books supplied had more substance in them (like a transcript or something). Personally, I just didn't think the books supplied were very useful. Use this for all your logical reasoning questions, 7sage for logic game explanations and powerscore for more about game setup, and basically just read to improve reading comprehension or look to powerscore for more reading comprehension help. I bought the premium edition of this course and have definitely improved my score, but I probably wouldn't invest over $900 again unless there was more curriculum development in the logic games and reading comprehension areas.


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IamarockCrystal's Review of Lsatmax Lsat Prep Courses

Reviewed on 2/8/18 8:04 PM

It’s a great study tool. I just started and I feel like it was an excellent choice to make. There’s a monthly installment you can do instead of paying everything up front and that’s a plus for me. It’s affordable and amazing. I need to stop procrastinating though and get to my studies. I think I can better benefit from the course if I put my all into it. That’s just me personally. If you stick with it, you will definitely see results. If you don’t, than you won’t.