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Craftsy app review

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  • Category: Education
  • Updated: Dec 23 2018
  • Version: 4.3.5
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Customer Reviews of the Craftsy App

Can’t purchase patterns on the app

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A.J, 234's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 6/9/18 12:06 PM

That’s the only and REAL drawback. Especially since we can access PP and do everything on our phones...

I love it

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bleucine's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 6/29/18 9:02 AM

Great App!!!


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TheGravedigger's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 6/15/18 1:24 AM

This is the most unstable app I’ve used in quite some time. It frequently refuses to start, and then crashes during use. Now, it is “unable to load your video”. This has necessitated re-installing the app and then re-downloading my classes. Rest assured, I’m not buying any more classes until this issue is solved.

Fine but glitchy

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Kaywakaywa's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 6/1/18 12:22 AM

I would much rather just get on my computer to look at something. It's so glitchy that it's hard to search for anything. Every time I click the free patterns button, all it shows are patterns that you have to pay for. I'll probably delete it from my phone just because it's really hard to find what you are looking for. I'm just going to use my computer if I really need to get on craftsy.

Chromecast compatibility please

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MsFlinstone's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 5/4/18 1:13 AM

I just watched my first class that is very good, one of the few free ones and I really like it, but it does not have the connection to the Chromecast, so I cannot see it on the tv, which would be really nice and useful.


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Shojoy's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 5/30/18 11:04 AM

I enjoy scrolling through classes and patterns. I have not had issue with any purchases and am notified if there are updates to the patterns.

Too Expensive

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RebeccaMer's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 5/13/18 4:58 AM

The classes look amazing but I don’t have that kind of money to pay for the classes. :0( Would be amazing if more were free.

Craftsy App Keeps Crashing

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Southern Mo's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 4/14/18 5:43 PM

The Craftsy app keeps crashing. I bought three different courses and now I’m afraid to delete the app in case I lose my classes. Help!

New craftsy app has some good but is mostly crApp

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perryl8's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 3/6/18 12:56 AM

Fast forward to Craftsy App for iPad Feb 2018 .. The app is optimized for shopping and not learning. The landing page is the store and not the library of classes that I bought. When viewing instructional videos, I must turn off my iPad to pause the video - this "feature" negates any benefit that the 30-second repeat ever provided. Myriad of other new bad features and optimization of none of the good features. Again one-star as this new release is one step questionably forward / 3 steps definitely backwards. At least the technical team is consistent - consistently out of step with the frequent end-users. Or maybe the technical upgrades are driven by Marketing - which is all wrong because they are noticeably even more out of step. --- Many problems were fixed in the Craftsy App (circa 2014); Now its 10/2016 and a new app update, I assume, is the reason why my Craftsy videos are the wrong size for my iPad?!? The edges (top, bottom, left/right) of videos is cut off ... Therefore I cannot see the complete knitting pattern that the instructor is talking about; Titles, captions, and important notes are also truncated so that I have no idea what the instuctor is talking about. Does the technical team rolling out updates perform the required testing?? Because there are a lot of disappointing flaws that are too obvious to miss if proper testing had been done before releasing to customers. I love the Craftsy service and overall product and I feel very sad that such excellent content is s****** up by the poor implementation of the technical delivery medium. Also the new website must be s****** up ... I did not purchas a class that I would have bought yesterday because I got an email offering the class at $19.99 and when I go to the website to pay, the shopping cart lists my purchase price at $29.99; The new website is more of a barrier than portal for business transactions. ---------------- (Review for Craftsy App Update circa 2014) I am a diehard fan of Craftsy classes - and the new Craftsy iPad App has an excellent new topic navigation menu ... But there are some major and deliberately designed flaws: 1) Full screen video has been ?lost 2) When I open an enrolled class the new crApp assumes I want to watch a video and immediatly gets stuck trying to download & buffer the video where I last left off ... BUT that is often NOT what I want to get STUCK doing ... other scenarios include: downloading class handouts, looking at chat, reviewing course outline, and with the new crApp, It gets stuck buffering video and I never am able to do the other stuff. I think I HATE this new crApp update!


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SassyL's Review of Craftsy

Reviewed on 3/29/18 6:42 PM

This app has some great patterns but some won’t download and freezes my phone and some that do load when u go to view they blink in and out then disappear not a happy user