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Brainhq app review

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  • Updated: Dec 31 2018
  • Version: 6.11
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Customer Reviews of the Brainhq App

Baseline expectations disappointing but good program

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kotto77's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 7/7/18 5:14 AM

Although I find this online program very helpful in the practice I’ve done weekly at my Neuropsychologists office for the last 6 months, I was excited to see that I can subscribe to it on my own until After purchasing it I found out that I am venturing into this program by ways of starting over from 0, without any of my baselines my dr has already determined, put into a spreadsheet and set me up in Dropbox. I’ve been in TBI recovery since 10/2015 and have used other software programs that do not have online capabilities for my dr to be able to effectively establish baselines and track my progress on a spreadsheet. And being a business owner, I am always on the go and struggle to find any down time. I reached out to the company to see if they could set my baselines at where my Dr and I already have them from the months of work I’ve done and their answer was NO. They do not have the capability in the voicemail they left me. The voicemail was nice, but really disappointing and makes me wish I would have not purchased for the year. I did return their voicemail mail to leave another voicemail for them a week ago to further ask in detail in a different way at in case I wasn’t clear enough for for their understanding of what I wanted, and never heard back. So now I am stuck starting over at square one again. I hope this helps anyone that has the same expectations as I had. If I could rate separately I would give a 5 for the program, 1 for the ability to not be able to amend the writing of their own software program to adjust our baselines if requested and help us trying to track our work with doctors and a 3 for customer service.

Brain hq

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gq hq's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 7/2/18 2:49 AM

Brain HQ is Good stuff. Exercises help reconnect the loose ends which make memory slow down as we get older.

Review if Brain hq

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StarsandMoons's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 7/17/18 4:34 AM

I, after doing a session until the end can actually sense the difference in my driving after after doing a brain session in Navigation. My driving became really good and cognitively very aware. I caught myself checking all mirrors, and driving much more consciously. Also, after other brain sessions I was able to adapt and adopt whatever the Brain hq session was about. For short term memory I was able to remember telephone numbers right after seeing the telephone numbers and was able to recall without any deterrence. I am going to subscribe soon. Everyone should do so. Sure helps me!!! Thank you and hope to get really good at the sessions.

Great app

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Lucy Caron's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 7/16/18 8:36 PM

I enjoy training and especially seeing my improvement!

Love BrainHQ

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lilys eyes's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 7/15/18 5:41 PM

I am a senior citizen - worried about mental decline. I have bee doing this program for a couple of months and I have noticed improvement in my daily life. In driving. My reaction times are faster and I feel more secure in noticing other cars and distractions. Thanks HQ for making my world a bit safer. Any suggestions for helping me remember where I put my coffee cup or eye glasses?

Fun but crashes on iPad Air

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Cat223c's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 7/13/18 8:26 PM

I enjoy the games. Very little documentation. iPad app crashes routinely. Either the screen goes dark and does not respond or completely disappears to the home screen. Support advises reinstalling which didn’t help for me. Luckily the crashes occur between sessions so I don’t lose progress.


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clnagrl1's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 7/10/18 11:43 AM

I am upgrading my review. The workers helping me were very helpful, It took me awhile to realize what they were saying, but that was me. Thank you

Love the graphics!

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Spinning Chakras's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 6/9/18 4:54 PM

I’m really impressed by this program. Research shows that it’s the only one out there at this point that actually trains the brain. And it’s fun!

Great App!

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scheibeljh's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 6/8/18 9:44 AM

Easy to use and takes just a few minutes each day.

Volume so low you can not hear!

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LAZOLO's Review of Brainhq

Reviewed on 6/4/18 8:33 PM

Both my husband and I downloaded this app on two different devices and each one volume is so low you can not hear speaker. And, yes, both devices were check for volume on sound (volume on each device were turned as high as can go....was NOT on mute or silence either) a very poor app & do NOT recommend this app!