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Routzy app review

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  • Category: Business
  • Updated: Nov 20 2018
  • Version: 3.7.6
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Not ready for iOS 11

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InspectorGuy's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 5/13/18 4:59 AM

Bought this app in Nov and I have a new iPad pro with iOS 11.3 on it. Can't use all the features of the app. When I called support I was told they are aware and it has to due with the camera in iOS 11. That was 6 months ago and I still can't put a logo on my estimates or insert photos. Asked to extent my membership due to the lack of use of all the features and was denied that as well. Support told me to find an older iOS and use the device. Not a good answer if you ask me.

Keeps getting better

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Beccalecca23's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:34 PM

Routzy has completely changed the way we do route sales. Our sales team can enter notes immediately and accurately with real time updates. The developers are attentive and the app updates reflect that. I can't imagine going back to the old way.

I use it, but need it to be better

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NickfromWI's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:34 PM

I have been using it for almost a year now. I use it every week. It does a LOT of things, but I just need it to create and send out estimates. I keep a running list of the things I would like to see improved. The developers do make improvements. For example, they used to not have the ability to change the order of proposal items or to just delete an item. Those features now work smoothly. Here is my routzy wishlist as it currently stands. 1- ability to convert proposal to invoice. As is, you need two concurrently running software programs- Routzy for proposals, then you have to create the invoice from scratch in another program- Quickbooks, wave, or the like. Both will have all your client info. Routzy should have "convert to invoice and send to Wave/Freshbooks/Quickbooks" 2- auto sync with icloud contacts: as is I need to import contact information into routzy. Now if a client changes an email address, I have to update iCloud AND the app. This is doubling my work. Cant the contacts list just be directly from iCloud? 3- why is "import contact" in settings? That's not a setting. I should be over by the "new contact" button. 4- only show description and amount. It is a waste of space for my proposals to have item, uom, rate, and qty. please let me get rid of them. I need more space. The client doesn't need to see my item code. 5- watermark the logo or add other graphic elements proposal. Right now it looks very generic and template-ish. You should incorporate a document setup wizard so I can make my proposals look like the fancy schmancy letterheads I paid a designer to make for me. 6- allow me to control default email subject and body in proposal emails. This could save me a TON of work. 7- ability to organize contacts by status- who is waiting for an estimate? If i limit myself to the apps functionality, there is not way for me to see who has received a proposal but hasn't booked work yet. That is easy money for me. Call up and ask if they got it. But as is, I have to rely on my memory about who booked and who hasn't. I input the status into each proposal, why can't I tap into that information to make easy money? 8- ability to create duplicates of estimates- lets say I send out a proposal with 20 items. Client calls back and accepts 10 of them. I open the app, delete the ten they don't want, then resend it. They call back and say they decided they want to add back 5 that were deleted. Now I have to open the email I originally sent, then re add the original items. I need to be able to open the proposal, click "create new version" and make my changes without messing up the original. 9- emails sometimes disappear when I go to different app WHAT! This has now happened many times to me- so that makes it not a fluke. I make a proposal, start an email draft from within the app. I go to copy paste info into the app. If stay away from the app for a while (10 minutes?) when I come back my email draft, which by this point has a lot of work into it will just randomly be gone. Not in the drafts folder in the mail app. Seemingly not anywhere. Just gone. This is in no way acceptable. Time is money and having to retype a long email is a big waste of time. 10- ability to teamwork on proposals. If I make a proposal, send to the client, client calls the office and says they want one little change. No one in the office can make that change. I am the only one that can make the change. So even though its one little thing, the client has to wait until I have time to do it. My whole team should be able to tap into the same information. That's what makes us a team. Routzy currently only operates as separate individual users.


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Ehomeint's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:34 PM

This app is exactly what I have been looking for! I did countless demos/webinars with many different CRM companies. I was most impressed by Routzy, as were the other "leading" CRM companies! While doing a demo with Salesforce I explained what my business does (Custom Installer/Home Theater) and what our needs were. I asked the lady from Salesforce if her program can do some of the things Routzy does (ie. snap and annotate pictures inside the app, draw floor plans etc.) She had not previously heard of Routzy so I asked her to log on the Routzy website and take 5 minutes or so and learn about it. After doing so she said, "that is by far the best solution for your business and Industry, we cannot do the things Routzy does!" Not only is Routzy a great iPad app but their BackOffice integration to Quickbooks is fantastic as well. The Routzy software is amazing and. Has spared me of many headaches! Their customer support matches the quality of their software just as well. Routzy is a great solution for any business!

Mobile CRM Found!

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JMAH1121's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:34 PM

I've been looking for a CRM system for about 6 months and after many trials of more expensive and cheaper systems I can not tell you how excited I am to have found Routzy. I manage a large territory in the automotive finance and insurance industry and needed a tool to keep up with more than 60 field agents and over 1000 accounts. The simplicity, but robust Routzy system brings me a true mobile solution while retaining the more important CRM functions usually found in a PC based system. The customer support has been very helpful in working through data entry and coming up with a plan to maximize my success with the system.

This is GREAT!!!

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Tilemann's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:34 PM

One of the sales reps spent over an hour on phone answering every ? I had. Have been looking for a invoicing and proposal app. for over a year. Ran across Routzy in the the App Store and fell in love. Works perfect for my flooring business with all the detailed features it has. Can take pics, add infor, measurements, etc..... Very detailed with customer contact infor. and is connected with dropbox so my other employees can see all the same infor. without me explaining or being there also. Last application I will need for invoicing and proposals. Gonna save me loads of time!!! Tim/Elegant Tile

Great app

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Molly Michelle's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:34 PM

Great app! Once all my data and forms were entered into the app everything was a piece of cake. Can't wait to see what else you release with future updates.

Routzy is a powerful tool

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Jon from TN's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:34 PM

Did the trial version of Routzy and found it to be the best CRM app I have seen for the iPad. Was then contacted by Routzy and given a very helpful GoToMeeting tour where they explained features. Was already using lots of great features but learned how customize it which was great.

Saving me a lot of time...

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Apjarr's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:34 PM

I have to say first that I never ever write reviews about anything but, this app has saved me so much time in the day. Streamlining all of my business estimates, no more waiting to get back to the office. Very easy to configure, just a Great app!!!!!


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csolsen101's Review of Routzy

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:34 PM

I've been searching for a CRM that tracks the sales process, manages contacts communication, is easy to adjust and customize to make a complete tracking system on my IPad and leave the world of wires and laptops at home. Finally its been created. I can complete the whole transaction with my clients, create documents and proposals, track my cases and most importantly all from my IPad. Great job for this amazing app.