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Quick Sale app review

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  • Price: Free
  • Category: Business
  • Updated: Feb 16 2020
  • Version: 2.7.2
  • Size: 74.45 MB
  • Seller: VisionaryWare, Inc.
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Customer Reviews of the Quick Sale App

Good app, non-existent support

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DoctorNote's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 9/22/18 2:06 PM

(Updated) Since my original review... Company has been sold, and what was once slow support, has apparently become non-existent support. Still a pretty good app if you are a one man shop, but in today’s world, it needs a way to keep multiple devices in real-time sync. (Original) This is well thought out, useful app. For my use, it still needs a couple of things to earn 5 stars, but it's close. Some have complained that the price is high. And while true, it is higher priced than many iOS apps, compared to what you would have to pay for a desktop app with similar capabilities, I think it's a bargain. My initial contact with support took longer than I would have expected, but reasonable.

Great App, would love to save contacts!!

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CassJo07's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 9/2/18 3:49 PM

I would love to be able to save them as a contact from the app for repeat customers! Or even just save them Asa contact inside the app!

Square Payment

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Mimiisme's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 9/18/18 12:20 AM

I used Quick Sale for a while, but stopped because it doesn’t accept Square as a payment method. I always check back, hoping someday this app will update to accept Square.

Apple created a monster.

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mytw0b1ts's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:49 PM

As a long-time user of Quick Sale, it was a very good app. Then it was sold off to a new developer and ironically development stopped. I have a newer iPad and the app doesn’t even run full screen. Now, I have no problems with developers getting paid. That’s why I bought the app. I do not believe that every other app should move to a subscription model. In the case of this app, there’s basic functionality that still doesn’t exist — i.e. being able to use your camera as a barcode scanner — instead on top of the subscription price I also need to go purchase an expensive handheld scanner. There’s also glitches with the app like when you add or change categories the app jumps around. Images don’t save to products or it will show the image until you close and relaunch the app and then you get errors saying the image couldn’t be saved and instead there’s no image. If you’re moving to a subscription model, none of these should exist as issues. It should represent a commitment between developer and customer to continue to improve and create value and to incorporate the feedback and suggestions customers are giving you to make the app better. When the app doesn’t even run full screen on the device there’s an obvious failure of sorts between that relationship.

Old Reviews & Lack of information

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PinkPhoenix's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:49 PM

I have been looking for a good inventory management software, and have heard great things about QS. While looking over the information this app description is misleading. It implies that you can use the free version of the app with the option to upgrade to the subscription. However, there is only a 3 day trial period, but you must choose the subscription in order to even get started. In addition, the most positive reviews for this product come from like 5 -7 years ago, which I am guessing well before the app was purchased by another company. Also, I had a very difficult time trying to find any further information about the app. This also includes numerous Google searches. Does this app stand alone without internet connection? Is there access to all information via a website for PC use? Will all information sync accurately to all devices (there are apps that do not)? Is it true that I cannot access my business information should I choose to leave the subscription? Why not just make it a one time charge? So, should I find another company at any point in time, my business information gets held hostage? That must mean that the information is stored in cloud and not on the devices itself? The questions are endless. And trying to find these answers on your website was not any easier. A running list of all updates does not relay pertinent information to new users. While estimated $6 per month for the app seems reasonable and to be very little cost; that is $6 less in my bank account. Not to mention it does take users a few months to know whether or not they are happy with a product or to find all the kinks, so the 3 day trail is quite ridiculous. I am sure that you have plenty of users, and one small review is nothing to you, but if you would like people to pay your $70 per year their needs to be more transparency for those looking to get started. I do not see these reviews like mine and others going away. If you would like to be a great company in the era of mediocrity, I would suggest a free year of the best version you have. That is enough time for people to fully enjoy your product, learn it, use it, and love it. In the endless realm of tech and apps, if you really are the best, then put your money where your app is.

Don’t update! It is now subscription.

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AlleycatLA's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 8/23/18 1:03 AM

Read the bottom...


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rubenboricua's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 6/25/18 11:33 PM

Gracias a esta aplicación que me ha agilizado la manera de trabajar. Creo que es una de las aplicaciones que más le he sacado provecho. Mi cotizaciones siempre tenía que empezarlas desde cero y gracias a esta aplicación no lo tengo que hacer nuevamente. Gracias a Quick Sales he ganado $$$$


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All phase st.louis's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 6/11/18 1:36 PM

This is the second review I have posted, and I still have not heard back from support. Now they want us to pay for support!!!!!!! They must be out of their minds.

Unless you prove me you have better app as this one

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Israpoker's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 5/22/18 1:49 AM

I will buy the other one. I was looking for app that can do almost everything I need to provide my Costomer with quick and on hand estimate, from there the road for invoice is short. I love this app it’s make me unique in front of my costumer and give me a greater chance to get the job. *saying this I wish the add one feature-to the app. And it’s auto completion to the old costumer names. Steve

I lost everything!!!

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ZoranOS's Review of Quick Sale

Reviewed on 5/2/18 1:26 AM

I used “Quick Sale” app for a couple of years and was ok with it. After updating my iPad to ios11 couldn’t open it anymore! It says needs an update to work with ios11, so I went to App Store and found only Pro version. Thinking, well that must be the update I am looking for, I paid $30 just to realize after download it isn’t - it’s a new app! So know I lost all my clients info ( don’t have a backup )! Beware!!!