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Customer Reviews of the Scribd App

Not unlimited.

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Aes1979's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/6/18 10:06 AM

States that the paying membership is unlimited and after listening to just 2 audiobooks I can no longer access half of the titles I want until my next month of membership. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 not worth the money if I’m only going to get listen to two books a month. I listen to one book in a few days. I’ll be checking other services and probably cancelling this one unless this issue is resolved quickly.

It’s getting worse.... and it’s not unlimited

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Los0990's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/4/18 6:18 AM

It’s a lie, it’s not unlimited. Also all my saved books were moved to not ready until my subscription renews. So yeah I’m paying for “unlimited” but I’m not getting it. I knew it was too good to be true. The annoying thing is when you submit a ticket all they give you a bunch of legal bs about how they have to remove some books from unlimited bc of the publisher. Funny how my wife who also has it and has a separate account has the book I want but mine says not available. It’s getting frustrating for sure. The latest in this lie of an app is that at the end of the month you get a wonderful email saying x amount of books are available.... and they are not. My wife had 20 books available and when she jumped on the app only two we actually available and the rest are now available soon for the next month!!! So you will wait a whole month then nope still not ready. That’s my whole issue with Scribd they are false advertising with unlimited and don’t tell to what your limit is. I’m fine with limited I understand it but at least informed your customer what those limits actually are. If they said you get 5-7 books hell I’ll take that over who knows you might get that book you been waiting all month long for....

Far more limited than I thought

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Popeaussies's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/4/18 2:07 AM

I knew when I signed up it wouldn't be unlimited without exception however after the last update it only let me download 2 books before telling me the others in my queue wouldn’t not be available until the next month. I would not have paid for the yearly package if I knew I would be throttled more and more each month. I will not be renewing at the end of the year nor can I recommend this app unless the “unlimited” feature turns into a minimum of 8 books per month. Especially since half the selections offered here are available at the library. I do hope a following update will correct some of this as I have enjoyed the app aside from this and the occasional glitching. I will anxiously await the next updates and go from there.

Trouble with app

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Lynn79's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/30/18 6:35 AM

App doesn't want to load

Read the small print

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Velvetsun's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/30/18 11:51 PM

Simply put, this service is NOT unlimited. I have not used this service for 2 months, and finally went back to download an audiobook...only to find that 90% of the books I wanted to listen to were “unavailable” until 10/12. Since I haven’t used the app in 2 months, I obviously wasn’t downloading an unusually high number of books. I noticed this happening several months ago and was told by support that it was only happening with new additions to the library as they only added titles once a month. That’s not the case since many of the titles I tried to access yesterday were available previously and are now locked out. The explanation that they posted in the FAQ hardly made me feel reassured that this wasn’t going to be a monthly occurrence. Even with the asterisks, calling the service unlimited is extremely misleading. Because of this, I will be canceling at the end of the month.

Limits on NYT/WSJ News

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Vagabum's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/3/18 1:55 AM

I love the clean layout and ad free experience. I like to read a lot of news. The curated articles are nice. But that is all the catalog you can access from NYT/WSJ without buying additional subscriptions to those sources ditectly. If I bought those subscriptions I would have far less use for scribd. I am ok with a large cap of total articles read, but not on limited article access (and definitely not both). Give me a full access subscription bundle and I am willing to pay $100 a year. I will never buy multiple subscriptions. Also annoying is that sharing an article from a source like NYT shares only a short (cut off) Scribd domain article and not the original article. So friends are even less likely to read the full article than if the article was shared from from the source's own Facebook page (with so many free reads per user). There are share workarounds from the source but it adds some hassle. I think this is not the experience I had hoped so I have cancelled my Scribd subscription. The first company that does a full access bundle under $100/year will get my money.

Not Unlimited Listens

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bAd DeTeCtIvE's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/29/18 9:54 PM

Was great when I signed up. But the Scribd service is consistently getting worse. Books that I want to listen to are often unavailable or I have to wait 30 days for them to become available. After 30 days they’re only available for a few hours before I have to wait another 30 days again. This is ridiculous. That’s not to mention the fact that a friend of mine is also a Scribd subscriber. She has a lot more books available to her than I do. When I do a search for the books in her lists they don’t show up in my account at all, like the books don’t even exist. Yet I pay the same amount as her and everyone else. The service is not unlimited listens as they would like you to believe. Only certain titles are available for unlimited. They blame the algorithm, yet it’s their algorithm.

Severe Limitations

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amy.gwynn7's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/29/18 2:38 AM

They don’t disclose what the limitations are until the books that have been reserved are suddenly unavailable for another month.

Liar liar pants on fire

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Pro 60's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/28/18 7:00 PM

Not unlimited audio books. Only get a few of best books a month. They lie. I will never recommend them.

Not unlimited AT ALL and books keep getting taken away

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Twopunkd4u's Review of Scribd

Reviewed on 9/28/18 5:14 AM

Every month I have things added to my wait list, back in July they put books that were already saved onto my wait list. Then instead of me getting ANY books that next pay period, they made me wait A WHOLE NOTHER MONTH! So that next month I got my books from my wait list... which was actually only 41, they unsaved my books on my wait list. Then I haven’t yet listened to ONE SINGLE AUDIOBOOK and added less than ten that THEY REMOVED and now all those THEY JUST GAVE ME ARE ON MY WAIT LIST... FOR THE THIRD MONTH!! I will not be continuing my service with them. Or ever come back.