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  • Updated: Dec 12 2018
  • Version: 3.0.2
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Customer Reviews of the My Utmost App

Love this app.

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mnnbvvcxzLjhgdapouytew's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 9/28/18 3:26 PM

Thank you! Love reading this app every morning.

Quick feedback

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jpmanson's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 7/4/18 7:03 PM

Could someone please email me about something that is wrong with your app? I love the app but something small needs to be fixed. I can’t find an email to get a hold of you!

App needs help with iOS 11.3

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Also Saved by Grace's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 4/3/18 11:27 AM

This app has gone from a 5 to a zero because since I downloaded iOS 11.3, this app won't even open. Very sad because I used the app almost daily for my devotion. Hope you can fix it soon!

Very irritating Interface

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mizzaka's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 3/5/18 1:00 PM

March 5, 2018. I used to use the old apps to read Chambers's thoughts and I enjoyed being able to simply close the Classic version app and go to Mr. Reimann’s updated version if a meaning was unclear to me. The format was easy to use, pleasant to read in any light situation, and identical except for the “language” used — the original words of Oswald Chambers or the careful interpretation of his thoughts by James Reimann. The apps were easy to navigate and my reading experience was not ruined by a bright white modern-looking interface that irritates my eyes, tiny type font I cannot read, a confusing two-day-available screen, and unnecessarily complicated navigational instructions and screens. On top of those non-improvements, you’ve taken away the ability to use a low-light screen instead of the irritating and eye-searing bright white screen. Plus, you totally took away the old easy-to-use Reimann updated version app! Major fail in all ways. Thankfully, Logos Bible has an excellent edition of MUHH.

Oswald Chambers writings

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Danofvan's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 3/3/18 4:09 AM

This is an excellent book that inspires and uplifts me every single time I read and re-read it. If you are a person who loves God and are seeking truth and wisdom from scriptures of the Holy Bible this book is for you, ( and me)!

Amazing content. Reasonably good app.

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RTCthree's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 3/28/18 12:46 PM

You can now toggle between classic and updated versions. I did not buy it until that option was available.

Lost money

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bgizzle22's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 3/13/18 12:04 PM

Paid for app. App doesn’t work. Should have read reviews before I purchased. How hard is it to make an app that works? Clearly this is a company that has left a bad app on the market and walked away.

Great App

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SIXTHS3AL's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 2/7/18 11:04 PM

Great stuff. I decided to download this because I have a physical copy of the book, but I prefer the updated translation. It's actually pretty important to me because some things in the original text go right over my head. I believe it's the lingo of that era but also it's a testament to how highly intelligent Chambers was. One suggestion though, which someone else brought up: the images; the ability to toggle on/off the images that go along with each day, because it could possibly get in the way of the imagery the Holy Spirit may be wanting to convey. At the same time, some of the images have been beautiful and I've saved them to my camera roll. So, yeah, the ability to toggle on/off the images, if you feel led and enabled by the Holy Spirit to do so. Thanks for this great app, and may God bless your endeavors!

Images distract from context

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Inappropriate Ads's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 2/2/18 6:53 AM

I am grateful that this app exists. However I believe at least another reviewer commented about the images being distracting from the context and blessing of the words that OC and the spirit so aptly authored for us. Developers, marketers, please provide the option of removing images from the daily pages so that those who prefer to focus on the depth of the words aren’t distracted by photos chosen by someone other than OCs. Allow the opportunity for the words to stand on their own. Thanks you.

Made Some Changes From a Year Ago

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HPRefugee's Review of My Utmost

Reviewed on 12/6/17 9:56 AM

This is an update from my original 1 star review over a year ago. I was hoping to see that changes were made to the app, and it appears that they did. For example, the original app prior to v3.0 had scripture verse reference in his classic text. The original book I have does not, so it was an “upgrade” from my tattered book. The verse reference (and hotlink) is now found in the modern version. Please note these changes in the app store comment! Thank you for the improvements! Oct 21 2016 I was really excited to see the new upgrade on Oswald's classic. I hope the intent of the new application is to modernize and expand his profound perspective. I have 3 issues thus far- First, and foremost, where are all of his Biblical references that Oswald used in his "Classic" (note the capitalization) version? You removed them. Why? That singularly was one of the best features of his readings, where you could go more into the context of the daily reading. Second, the new "classic version" is not true. It is abbreviated. Entire paragraphs are missing. I tried reading the modern version, and comparing it with my Classic (the ebook unabridged version that I have) and it does not translate well. Third, you want me to pay again to get the one I bought originally? Without any guarantee that is will be faithful to the original version? You should rename the program to it's more truthful intent- "My Utmost Abridged"