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By iClassics Productions, S.L.

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Ipoe Vol 1 app review

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  • Updated: Oct 9 2017
  • Version: 4.7.1
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Customer Reviews of the Ipoe Vol 1 App

A once great software reduced to a money grab

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picfxr's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 8/5/18 6:49 PM

I really liked all of the apps from these guys. I work as an ESL teacher and used them for my students to get them excited and interested in what, normally, terrified them. My daughter also greatly enjoyed them. I saw their purchase as in investment of interest. Then came the mandatory updates and they added new content that was an in-app purchase but they LOCKED what I had already paid for before! Now one app and .99 cents would be one thing...but I had gotten so many of them! I didn’t fork out nearly $5 each just to be held up for more to buy back what I’d already had! I got in touch with t hem thinking this was an error and got a person who spoke very lovely and said oh, it’s just a mistake I’ll get you the codes. NEVER HAPPENED. and who’s to say if I gave in now that I wouldn’t have to purchase them all AGAIN at their next fund raising opportunity. Sorry. Fool me once shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me. I’ll stick with the old YouTube teacher cartoon standby and put my money into books that aren’t taken away and ransomed, thank you very much! I don’t know what’s going on w these review responses. I never got a response until today and it popped up in notifications just now... and yet it says the response here was from the day after.. in November.... it is now AUGUST... I did indeed correspond multiple times w someone there newly in charge of getting your apps out to teachers...after weeks of promises I got no more answers and changed my reviews to reflect my disappointment. I don’t mind update fees after a huge OS update... but not buying them again. I don’t have the $$ for that.


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Tigger's number one fan's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 5/5/18 3:09 AM

An absolutely great way to read Poe!!!

Rediscovering Poe

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Yipwell's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 5/26/18 12:59 PM

I am a long-time Poe fan and this app is a fun way to rediscover his works. It brings the words to life and makes each story and poem feel fresh. Artwork is cool and expressive; it captures the essence of the story.

Currently crashing mid-Annabelle Lee

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pdc1's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 5/24/18 11:43 AM

Great app, well illustrated, but currently crashing mid-Annabelle Lee, never to return. App must be deleted and reinstalled to recover, but crashes again in the same spot. Reported to developers but no response. Please fix it!

I won’t pay again

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Zomelito's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 2/3/18 10:41 AM

Long time ago I bought the 3 volumes of Ipoe, now 2 of those three don’t accept to restore my purchases, I sent an email explaining the situation, the reply with the argument that I bought the version for educational centers.

Captivating use of multimedia to heighten scary experience

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Husker Zach's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 2/10/18 4:05 AM

Makes Gothic tales come alive. So far I’ve been pretty enthralled by Lovecraft and Poe. I’ve been one to have been entertained by the many ways to experience the depths of Cthulhu (games, graphic comics, Tarot, Necronomicon) and I remember I was drawn to Poe growing up with a comic format. I look forward to Sleepy Hollow. I’ve always loved that tale. Tim Burton has always had a special place in my heart for divining deliciously dark sequences. And the Sleepy Hollow Disney Tale is worth waiting thru the Wind in the Willows Mr Toads (not so) Exciting Ride to see one of the scariest Disney animated episodes ever made. Love the transition from happy go lucky Icabod Crane singing and dancing to the scary ride home thru the woods of Sleepy Hollow. And the singing/narration of Bing Crosby are so rich.

One of the best

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cazy mf's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 12/5/17 9:39 PM

The app is one of the best. It's great with some really cool artwork with the stories.


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Scram III's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 12/27/17 2:59 AM

I love Poe anyway but these are great for introducing people, especially younglings to the author of darkness.

Simply stunning and fantastic

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Molotovnic's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 12/24/17 1:23 AM

Please tell me u will add more stories, please??!!


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Jodi-42's Review of Ipoe Vol 1

Reviewed on 11/7/17 12:07 PM

Fun way to enjoy these classics.